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How to Create a New Mobile Legends Account on IOS Without the Need for Reset

For you iOS or iPhone users, you definitely have to restart if you want to create a new account on Mobile Legends. This method is quite complicated considering that a lot of data will be lost. It turns out that there is a way to be able to create a new account in Mobile Legends without having to restart the cellphone. Here’s how to create a new Mobile Legends account on IOS without the need to restart. Before doing this, there are a few things to consider.

The thing that need noticed
1. Don’t forget to link the Account first (Must reach Lv.8 to be able to link the Account).

2. Before doing so you must remember at least the Account. Like Heroes and Hero Skins because sometimes, if you switch back to your main account, the Game will ask you a series of questions about your main account to further prove that you have that account.


1. Uninstall Apk Mobile Legends, you can do it to settings > General > iPhone Storage > Find the App and Click it > Delete App.

2. Go back to Arrangement then select Privacy > Advertising

3. Click “Reset Advertising Identifier…” Then select “Reset Identifier“.

4. Re-download the App Mobile Legends.

5. Done.