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How to Complete McLaren Free Fire (FF) Missions

The McLaren FF Mission Event has started on July 23 and will end on August 3. The event gives players a prize in the form of a very attractive McLaren skin. Apart from skins, of course there are various prizes or other items that we can get from the event.

Well, you can win various prizes by completing the event missions that have been provided. That way, you can have McLaren skins and bundles that Garena has prepared.

In this discussion, Dafunda Game will provide tips for you to complete the various missions in the Free Fire event. Want to know what the tips are? So read to the end of this article.

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McLaren FF Mission Event Details

Mclaren Ff .'s Mission
Mclaren FF Mission | Garena

Well, here’s how to complete the various missions in this McLaren FF Event:

  1. Log in July 31st and get a McLaren Racing Helmet.
  2. Playing on July 31, you can have a free permanent gun skin MP60-Spirited Overseers.
  3. Go on the “Become a Race Race” mission on July 23rd August 3rd. Later you will get a McLaren Racing Bundle, McLaren Pin, and Voucher.
  4. Complete the “Master Designer” Web Event, if your design is good, we can get items in the form of a Dreki Racer Pet Skin, and a McLaren Racing Banner.

In addition to the missions above, there are also several other McLaren events that you can complete. And of course, the prizes are also quite good for you to get, because the prizes given are free.

Event Race to Ace

Ace to Race
Ace to Race | Garena

The next event, namely the Race to Ace Event. Well, in this event there is a McLaren FF Mission that you must complete. That is, you must race at least 5 rounds in this event. After that, if you are lucky, then you can get the main prize, namely the McLaren Racing Bundle.

In addition to the main prize, you can get even more prizes when you complete more races. During the race, don’t forget to collect the Checked Flag Token, which can increase the speed of the car during the race.

If it’s still not fast enough, you can invite your friends to join the race, and that will increase the speed of your car during the race.

Event Master Designer

Master Designer
Master Designer | Garena

Finally, in this McLaren FF Event, there is an event called Master Designer. The mission in this McLaren FF Event is that you have to be able to design your own car design. Then, you can share the results of the design on social media accounts.

Well, if you manage to make a pretty cool car design. Then you can get an interesting item called Pet Skin – Dreki Racer.

So that’s the discussion about How to Complete McLaren Free Fire (FF) Missions. What do you think about this? Don’t forget to comment below, OK? Keep visiting Dafunda Game so you don’t miss other interesting information about Free Fire Tips from us.