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Hoax or fact: ION LiQuiD Is the Next Bigetron RA Roster?

Who is the new Bigetron RA roster that is rumored to be in?

Esports teams in Indonesia are starting to show their actions in several divisions that have made the country proud.

One of them is in the field of PUBG Mobile, where several teams have brought Indonesia’s name to fame in several countries.

Bigetron Esports, one of the proud teams of Indonesia recently reported that there will be a new roster that will enter the PUBG Mobile division team.

Bigetron Red Aliens is a team that has brought Indonesia’s name to several international tournaments.

Yesterday the team just entered a new coach from the team ION Esports to be the coach who will welcome the PMPL SEA Finals 2022.

Well, it’s been reported that there will be a new roster that might play in the PMPL SEA Finals later, guys!

Bigetron RA . New Roster

According to the news that was spread on the official Bigetron Esports Instagram account, there will be a new roster that will enter the PUBG Mobile team.

As we know, there are two PUBG Mobile teams from Bigetron, namely: Bigetron RA and ION Esports, where both of them always dominate the match.

Reportedly, players from ION Esports will be the new roster for Bigetron Red Aliens ahead of the PMPL SEA Finals later.

The coach has been confirmed to be changed to S1nyo who is also the coach of ION Esports who was transferred to BTR RA.

Now, it’s the turn of one of the four ION Esports players who will be included in this big team.

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Which Liquid to Move?

In accordance with what the CEO of Bigetron Esports said in the Revival TV comment column during Live a few days ago, Bigetron RA will also have a new player, namely Liquid.

There is a high possibility that these ION players will be included in the big teams that will participate in the PMPL SEA Finals.

ION Liquid, which is one of the best ION Esports roster, also has the possibility to move.

Of course this not confirmed yet the truth is because Bigetron’s side has not announced or inaugurated the new roster.

So what do you think about it? Who do you think will be the new roster of Bigetron RA?

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