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Hideo Kojima uploads new trailer for Death Stranding, A DLC?

Death Stranding shows new trailer, is it a DLC?

Death Stranding Game is a New Action Game Developed by Kojima Productions, This game is quite popular and has been played by many people since the game was first released. In addition, Death Stranding has a good story and many say this game is more suitable as a Extreme Courier Games.

Well, recently Hideo Kojima uploaded a new trailer via his official Twitter account which you think may look different.

“Coming 2022 which means it will come in 2022.

In the trailer video, it shows Sam who is struggling and is trying to survive from an area in the world of battle.

However, there is something interesting about the video trailer that Hideo Kojima uses an editing concept similar to the 1917 film trailer, which you can see in the video below.

Players who have never played Death Stranding must have thought that this might be a DLC content trailer.

However, a number of PS4 players who have played it confirmed that it is a gameplay trailer in one of the main chapters of Death Stranding. So it’s almost 100% certain it’s not a DLC,

So, we can conclude that this is not a DLC or additional expansion content. But, let’s wait for further information from Hideo Kojima, guys!