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Hero OP Mobile Legends That Has Made Stress Even though It's Only Level 1

You have to know that some of these Mobile Legends op heroes can make opponents mentally stressed even though they are only level 1, who are they?

There are several heroes in Mobile Legends who already have terrible abilities even though they are only level 1. Usually these heroes are very feared by players in the early game because of their abilities.

In fact, they can make opponents mentally stressed because of their abilities in the early game. Then who are the Mobile Legends heroes who have been stressful even though they are only level 1?

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Only need level 1 and activate skill 1, Grock can kill a hero alone. The damage skill 1 is very large and even has a large enough damage area so that anyone will be afraid to approach Grock when he activates his 1st skill.


New Selena Skin MLBB
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Selena is known as the most terrible combo skill 2 and 1 hero among all heroes. But did you know that Selena at level 1 by activating her 1st skill is already terrible.

The trick is to trap skill 1 towards the opponent then press skill 3 and attack again with skill 1 Selena in assassin mode, then the opponent will die instantly without waiting for Selena’s skill 2 (stun) to be active.


Hero op mobile legends
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At level 1 Bruno is already very terrible with his skill record 1 which must be active and when attacking Bruno must play his passive correctly.

If everything is done correctly then Bruno’s critical is very high and can defeat anyone even though he is only level 1.


Cyclops Star Wars Skin MLBB
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If the 4 heroes above have to activate skill 1 when they are still level 1, it’s different from Cyclops which has to activate skill 2 when at level 1.

The damage from skill 2 Cyclops is very large, especially if all the damage is hit by the opponent, not to mention the short CD that completes the perfection of the skill.


Photo via Wallpaper Cave

Finally, you all agree that Franco was the most annoying hero when he was level 1. He has skill 1 which can attract objects in front of him, including enemy heroes and jungle monsters.

And usually Franco’s 1st skill is used to riot buffs that make all jungler users annoyed when fighting him.

Those are some of the op heroes in Mobile Legends that can make opponents stress mentally even though they are only level 1.

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