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Hero Marksman OP After New Patch According to RRQ Lemon

Hero Marksman OP After New Patch According to RRQ Lemon

Shortly after the new patch, one of the pro players, RRQ Lemon, revealed the name of a strong Marksman hero after the patch.

This Marksman hero does get a big buff that makes him go crazy in the new patch especially because of his passive change.

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Can you guess who the hero is?

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New Hero Marksman OP Patch According to RRQ Lemon

The hero is Irithel, a Marksman hero who has been changed by Mobile Legends. His passive now makes Irithel able to give large additional damage.

Not to mention the changes given to this hero who no longer uses mana, so he doesn’t have to go back and forth from base to refill his mana again.

It must be admitted that this change makes Irithel mandatory for you to consider in the new patch as a Goldlaner.

Not only Marksman like Beatrix, Brody or Wanwan. Because Irithel can do no less damage, especially in the late game.

For those of you who want to play Irithel’s hero in the new patch, you can try the build recommendations from RRQ Lemon below.

source: YT RRQ Lemon

Lemon is quite focused on attack speed and critical. According to him, Irithel now has enough burst damage. The three mandatory items according to Lemon are Windtalker, Berserker Fury and Scarlet Phantom.

For additional damage in the late game Lemon use Malefic Roar and Haas Claw.

Irithel is indeed famous as a marksman hero who needs enough items and is strong in the late game. However, the latest changes make it a little stronger in the early game.

According to the new Lemon Irithel, he can become a counter hero for Wanwan, who is currently busy in the picks.

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