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Here's What AURA Kabuki Says About RRQ Xinnn's Game!

Here’s What AURA Kabuki Says About RRQ Xinnn’s Game!

Kabuki is one of the highlighted players this season. He also received one of the prestigious rewards, namely Most Improved Player.

His potential is increasingly visible this season with the Fanny jungler game that can be played when this hero is released.

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Kabuki’s Opinion About Xinnn

He fills the role of goldlaner, which was also the role of Xinnn last season. Through their latest youtube live streaming, AURA Kabuki expressed his opinion about RRQ Xinnn’s game. And this is Kabuki’s opinion.

AURA Kabuki
source: YT Aura Kabuki

“He’s good, in my opinion he’s cool, right before that there had never been a player like him who played Hero (core) using retrieval and was barbaric, he’s really cool,” said Kabuki via his Youtube live streaming.

According to him Xinnn is a good player. One thing that was highlighted was the barbarians who dared to use retribution as a spell even though at that time there was no patch.

While others still use Flicker, Purify or others, only Xinn really dares to be different and uses Retribution when playing as a jungler.

And that is a plus point about Xinnn’s figure that Kabuki highlighted, he thinks it’s very cool, moreover he also plays with barbarians and is fearless.

Indeed, the last time Xinn played as Goldlaner, though she was later (one of them in 515 allstar played as Jungler for her team Neverwin.

We look forward to Xinnn’s figure, will she return to play as a jungler or Goldlaner, because Xinn has plans to return to MPL ID Season 10 later.

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