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Here's the New 2022 P3K Teacher ASN Applicants Search

Search for Applicants for First ASN Teacher 2022 – Being a civil servant is indeed a matter of pride for some Indonesians, because there are benefits and also a pension guarantee with full payments made by the government. On this basis, more and more new applicants apply for ASN registration.

And now that it has been re-opened for registration at ASN P3K Guru, it will certainly be crowded again as in the previous periods. It won’t be long before those who are officially registered as participants will follow a series of processes to take part in the Test directly.

For those of you who are indeed participants, you have to prepare everything very well, for the sake of your future becoming a civil servant can be realized very perfectly. Because the monthly salary alone is quite large, for the size of an employee in a government agency when compared to ordinary private employees.

ASN PPPK Guru applicants who have been able to enter the next stage, and have also passed the administrative verification, you will participate in the Stage 1 Competency Test stage.

If you still don’t know what the implementation will be, the place and so on are related to the main requirements for taking the test. You can pay attention to some of our tips.

Search for Applicants for First ASN Teacher 2022

Search for Applicants for First ASN Teacher 2021

At the beginning of taking the test you must be able to answer all the questions that have been provided, try not to get too tense and seem very clumsy and nervous.

Just face it by mobilizing all the abilities you already have. Confident and optimistic that he can complete it, and can pass the first competency exam and be accepted as a 2022 P3K Teacher ASN.

When you are done with the administration that must be paid, then you will get a Participant Number to be able to take the initial competency exam. So pray, friends, before starting to work on the Competency Test questions.

As for the place and time of the Exam, it has not been announced yet, and of course you yourself need to do a very accurate search for information so you know where it will be held.

Now, you just search by going directly to the internet page on the Search for ASN Applicants for PPK Teachers, because there is already complete information about the implementation and also the place of the exam. Whether it’s the schedule, the day of implementation and also the date of the ASN P3K Teacher Competency Test.

You need to pay attention very seriously, that you must really have the heart to take the ASN Competency Exam.

And it must match the date, place that has been determined by the committee from the local government so don’t get it wrong. And you need to know, everything must be done very carefully and thoroughly.

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How to check the date and location of the ASN P3K Teacher Competency Test Applicants

To be able to see where the exam will take place, along with the date of its implementation, it is actually very easy for you to do it yourself, especially for Prospective ASN Teachers. Because you only need to input data in the form of your NIK, along with your respective 2022 Competency Exam Participant Number on the website.

Below, we have written very neatly, regarding how to check the status of first aid teacher applicants:

  • The first way you open it first in the Browser section, you can use a variety of devices, both mobile phones, tablet computers, and laptops.
  • Then you immediately enter the ASN P3K Guru Applicant Online Site section, which is on
  • Next you enter the NIK Number section along with the Competency Exam Participant Number, continue by pressing the “Search” button.
  • Later there will appear a complete information, regarding the implementation date, exam session, and your exam bench number.
  • When you arrive, you have to be early so there is no delay, because that will also be an additional assessment of your discipline.

Can’t Access The First ASN Teacher’s ASN Applicant Search Site

If all of you are having difficulties when you enter the site, you still experience failure, even repeatedly.

You don’t panic, you have to stay calm because there is still a way out. Then why did this happen? Even though the hope of becoming a Civil Servant is in sight.

The problem is the overload of the server and because there are so many ASN P3K Guru applicants, it’s only natural that the site is experiencing Trouble Responses. You should try to keep re-entering the site, until you can successfully enter and the best time is at midnight when there are minimal visitors.

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The final word

So that was a brief review that we can convey, regarding the Search for Applicants for ASN P3K Guru 2022. And hopefully it can provide very useful information.

For all of you, the 2022 ASN Candidates, so that you can participate in educating the nation’s future students. Good luck mate, hopefully it will work!