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Here's How to Remove Friends on PUBG Mobile From the Friend List!

This is how to delete friends on PUBG Mobile!

Have you ever felt that you have made friends from in-games that initially played very well, eventually we became friends and we often grew up.

Turns out that guy was only good in the early game, and during the next game he was always a burden and toxic?

It feels like we definitely want to delete it from our friends list so we won’t be invited or invited again, right?

Indeed, in online games, there are a lot of random friends who are super annoying, one of which is in PUBG Mobile.

Fortunately, you can delete these toxic people who have already become your friends, you know, here’s how to do it!

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How to Delete Friends on PUBG Mobile!

The first thing you have to do is make sure the friend you want to delete is still in your friend list.

After you search, then do this:

Open your Friend List, then press the three lines button at the top right of the friend list box.

After that select Batch Manage

Select your friend you want to delete, then press Delete below right to delete your friend.

You can still be friends with them, if you send friend requests as usual, but that’s down to your decision again.

Accept requests from players who can indeed be invited to play neatly, and can also be invited to work with us.

If indeed the player is difficult to manage, and cannot be invited to work together, plus players who are toxicthen do the above method to remove that person from your friend list.

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