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Here's How To Get The Vigilante FF Bundle

Vigilante FF is a very legendary bundle in Free Fire. Many FF players really want this one bundle. The first time this bundle came out in 2022. The difficulty to get it is not playing, many players admit that it is really difficult.

Some players even use cheat applications to get the bundle. Even though the risk is very big, because their account could be banned by Garena. However, they removed all the risks in order to get this Vigilante bundle.

Why Are Many Interested In The Vigilante FF Bundle?

Vigilante | Garena

The strong reason why many people want this one bundle is that it looks very cool. For anyone who sees this Vigilante bundle for the first time, they will be immediately attracted. How not interested? This bundle has a black color which makes it quite scary.

Even though it has been released for a long time, it still has a futuristic look and design that makes all players want to have it. If you manage to get this Vigilante FF bundle, then you will get 1 complete costume set from head to shoes.

Currently this bundle is included in a very rare bundle. If you can get it you will be very lucky. Because you can have this bundle and can use it in the game.

How to get it?

Vigilante 2
Vigilante | Garena

The way to get this Vigilante FF Bundle is that we have to wait for this bundle to be released again. Usually this bundle is released within a certain time, Garena deliberately withholds the release of this bundle so that players are curious. When the time comes, they will definitely release this bundle.

Some of the events that usually give rise to this bundle include Magic Cub or Diamond Royale. So you have to often monitor these two events every week, who knows they might be released in the near future. Apart from making players curious, Garena also has another reason why it doesn’t release this bundle continuously.

That is, the reason is that this bundle remains a rare bundle. The goal is that Garena can benefit from its sales. If later this Vigilante bundle has been released, then you must be ready to Top-Up Diamond so you can get it.

Well, that’s the discussion about the Vigilante FF Bundle and how to get it. What do you think about this? Don’t forget to comment below.

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