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Here's How to Get Booyah Free Fire (FF) Spirit Bundle

Free Fire is a game that is quite challenging to play. Present as a battle royale game that is quite fun to play makes the game popular quickly. Well, this time Free Fire also comes with several interesting bundles, namely the Booyah Spirit Free Fire (FF) Bundle.

The appearance of this new FF bundle is very interesting, so it’s a loss if you don’t get it. The opportunity to get the budle only comes once. So prepare yourself for this new bundle.

Well, to make it easier for all of you to get the bundle. This time Dafunda Game will help you all by providing a way to get the Spirit Boyah Free Fire (FF) Bundle. Of course, this method will be very useful for all of you who need it.

Can’t wait for the tutorial to get this bundle? Let’s see the review below!

Free Fire Spirit Booyah Bundle

Booyah Free Fire Spirit Bundle
Spirit Booyah FF Bundle | Youtube

This Free Fire Spirit Booyah Bundle is a bundle with the main character, namely a woman. With the appearance of a yellow shirt and black pants, this bundle is pretty cool to have. So many players are after him.

Well, therefore you have to follow the tutorial on how to get the bundle. Here’s how to get the Booyah Free Fire (FF) Spirit Bunlde:

How to Get Booyah Free Fire (FF) Spirit Bundle

  1. Login to the Free Fire Game, go to the Shop, then press the New section.
  2. This bundle will later be available in the offer items. So when you find it, just select it.
  3. To get this Booyah Spirit FF Bundle, you don’t need to spend a lot of money. Enough with 1000 Diamond, you can have it.
  4. After the item is purchased, this item will enter the Vault and you can immediately use it.

Well, that’s how to get the Booyah Spirit Free Fire (FF) Bundle. How easy is it not? I hope this discussion can help you all.

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