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Here's Hayato Firebrand's New FF Character Release Date!

Here’s Hayato Firebrand’s New FF Character Release Date!

Today, August 12, 2022, Garena will carry out server maintenance on the game they have developed, Free Fire Battleground. During this period, FF players will not be able to access and play their favorite battle royale game.

Of course, this is quite disappointing for FF players who want to play FF ​​that day, but your patience will not be in vain. Garena will be doing a big update to celebrate the 3rd anniversary of Free Fire!

Free Fire Anniversary Update brings Hayato FirebrandFF Hayato Firebrand characters

In this update, there will be lots of new things and interesting events that will entertain you throughout the month of August. One of the most interesting updates is the presence of a new character, Hayato Awakening, or better known as Hayato Firebrand!

The Hayato Firebrand character can already be tried by FF players when Garena opened the Advance Server last July. However, after the OB23 update came out on July 29, the Hayato Firebrand still cannot be used or purchased by players. But Spinners need not worry anymore, because it has announced when the Hayato Firebrand will be released!

FF Hayato Firebrand’s new character release date

FF Hayato Firebrand character

FF Hayato Firebrand character will be present at Free Fire Battleground on August 19, 2022! The character will be an Awakened version of the original Hayato character who has lost popularity among FF players.

Hayato Firebrand has a new skill called Art of Blades where he can reduce damage received from the front by 35% for 6 seconds.

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This skill will make Hayato an effective tanker character, because when the skill is active, he will be able to survive longer even though he takes a lot of shots.

And did you know, to celebrate the 3rd anniversary of Free Fire, they plan to give away the Hayato Firebrand character for free! So you will soon be able to try this new character!

Here’s the release date of Hayato Firebrand’s new character! Don’t forget to keep visiting our website, to get the latest eSports news and follow us on Facebook!