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Here's an Explanation of Monkey D. Luffy's Future-Seeing Haki!

Junebe We’ll discuss Seer’s haki in the future Monkey D Luffy. We know that Luffy stated to use an advanced version of Observation Haki in Whole Cake Island.

In the anime, recently Luffy managed to awaken the ability to see the Future, such as Charlotte Katakuri. Will he be able to deepen his haki, since he can’t dodge attacks Kaido in Wano. That and more questions will be deleted in this post.

Monkey D. Luffy’s Future Vision Haki Explanation!

First of all, let’s talk about Observation Haki (Seeing Right to See the Future). This type of haki can be awakened and practiced by anyone, unlike King’s haki. This Observation Haki allows the user to sense the presence of others even with their eyes closed.

This is the reason why Admiral Fujitora able to fight without using his eyes. It allows people to sense the intentions of others, their emotions, and gauge the power level of those around them. It can be said that Observation Haki is the most widely used type of Haki.

Now, what is advanced Sight Haki? It is a sophisticated form of observation Haki that allows the user to actually see into the future. One can see a few seconds in the future. And thus no attack can surprise the user in this advanced form of haki.

We see this form of Haki introduced through Katakuri. It was in his battle with Charlotte Katakuri where Monkey D Luffy started using advanced observation Haki.

Luffy trains his observation haki in this battle, and Katakuri unknowingly facilitates his Haki training. When Katakuri felt that Luffy was someone who could give him a challenge, he immediately started making sure that Luffy got better and lived up to his expectations so that he enjoyed himself.

One of the most common misconceptions fans have. That Monkey D Luffy’s haki in the future is as good as Charlotte Katakuri’s, is actually wrong.

Katakuri’s control over future vision observation haki is really good. The main difference between the two’s haki is that Luffy’s control over future vision haki is not at all as good as Katakuri’s.

Because he can’t see as often into the future. Katakuri is always calm and his concentration is always full. The reason is that he can use advanced observation haki as usual. Meanwhile, Luffy is very different.

Katakuri didn’t need to add any extra effort to use this ability he had mastered. On the other hand, Luffy has not been able to use this ability so far. Except he put a lot of effort into using it and didn’t use it instinctively like Charlotte Katakuri.

He had to really focus by closing his eyes and then predicting where the attack was coming from. Of course, it will get better over time and Luffy will make this ability as good as Charlotte Katakuri has made his ability.

Luffy Will Improve Observation Haki in Wano!

So now, let’s talk about why Luffy can’t see the future in Wano Country when Kaido attack him. The main reason why Monkey D Luffy was unable to predict Kaido’s yonko attack on Wano is that he is not very proficient with this type of Haki.

Luffy was not ready to use Foresight Haki at that time. Luffy was also very provoked at the time when his crew was attacked and when one was not very calm, he was unable to use his Observation haki.

So Luffy needs to get used to being completely calm in order to be able to use future vision haki all the time like Charlotte Katakuri. This would also mean that Luffy’s lively personality might change quite a bit as well.

We think during the Wano nation war, Luffy will finally be able to use his future vision haki at will. Even in the battle against Charlotte Katakuri, Monkey D Luffy was unable to fully use this invincible ability at will.

When they clashed in their final battle, Katakuri still had the upper hand. And he let Luffy win because Luffy’s desire to become Pirate King was only bigger than Katakuri’s.

As we know, Wano is a zoa type devil fruit user bow. Most of the power of this devil fruit user is related to strength. Using this form of Future haki, Luffy will easily nullify their speed and power using advanced future vision haki.

Delivers a sharp hit in no time and easily defeats his opponents in no time. Even the strongest commander Kaido has no answer to Luffy’s abilities.

That means giving Luffy control over his future vision Haki is a power in and of itself. Monkey D Luffy’s real challenge is fighting yonko Kaido himself. Because even though he might manage to dodge Kaido’s attack in the near future.

He can’t beat him because Kaido seems to be invincible. As we can see, even Elephant Gun had no effect on Kaido.

Nonetheless, we should all hope to see Luffy finally use his advanced Future observation haki at will in the Wano nation war.