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Here are the details of the FF Spree Shopping Event

If you are one of the players Free Fire For those who like discounted prizes, this time Dafunda Game will discuss the Shopping Spree FF Event which will be present tomorrow, to be precise from November 13 to November 19, 2022. Later, this event will replace the presence of Mystery Shop FF this November.

As we know, it’s been almost a few months since the Free Fire players haven’t experienced the last Mystery Shop. And what’s even sadder is, there’s no news yet events it will come out again.

The Mystery Shop event itself became an event from Garena which FF players have been waiting for. The reason is, this event provides massive discounts to Free Fire players which of course will be very profitable.

Discount Event Shopping Spree Ff
FF Spree Shopping Event Discount | Garena

For those of you who will be looking forward to this event, here are the details of the Spree FF Shopping Event that you should know. Here are the full details:

  • Choose the discount package you want
  • There is a minimum purchase that you need to fulfill to get the biggest discount
  • You can only choose the discount package once and you can’t change it
  • The existing Elite Pass is only valid for this season, don’t buy it if you already have it
  • All items will be sent via Vault/Collection

From the leaks circulating, you can get a big discount, if you have reached the minimum transaction required to open the big discount.

It’s almost the same as when you open a bigger level, of course you have to try at a certain level first so you can level up.

Gift Shopping Spree Ff . Event
FF Spree Shopping Event Prize | Garena

In addition to massive discounts, you can also get various prizes at discounted prices, one of which is Elite Pass Season 30: Ultrasonic Rave. For more details, here are some other prizes in the Shopping Spree event:

  • Diamond Royale Ticket x10
  • Weapon Royale Ticket x10
  • Incbubator Royale Ticket x10
  • Change Name Card
  • Hayato’s Character
  • Caroline character
  • ……and many more prizes!

Those were some of the details you should know about the Spree Free Fire Shopping Event. What do you think? With a series of interesting items that you can get at a much cheaper price, immediately prepare your Diamonds and get various interesting items at the Shopping Spree event!

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