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Here are 4 New Locations from the FF Bermuda Remastered Map!

Here are 4 new Locations from Map FF Bermuda 2.0 or Bermuda Remastered!

Soon, the newest Free Fire map, Bermuda 2.0, will soon be available for FF players to play. To be precise, the map will be on your smartphone this week!

The Bermuda 2.0 map has been leaked bit by bit by Garena through an event called Plan Bermuda. Garena has indeed made plans to make changes to the Bermuda map since the OB21 update because many FF players feel that it is time for Bermuda to get a new face.

Map Bermuda 2.0 will not accept too many deformations. If we compare the design of Bermuda 2.0 with the original Bermuda, the shape is almost the same.

New location for FF Bermuda 2.0 map

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But the most visible change in the Bermuda 2.0 map is the location, because this new map will get 4 new locations.

Here’s the full list of new Bermuda 2.0 locations and where you can find them!

New location map Bermuda 2.0


New location Bermuda 2.0
source: Youtube UnGraduate Gamer

You can find Hydropower between Riverside and Plantation. This location is directly opposite the bridge and dam.

Yagami Garden

New location Bermuda 2.0
source: Youtube UnGraduate Gamer

Yagami Garden is a new location that will replace Sentosa’s location. At Yagami Garden, you will feel the classic Japanese residential atmosphere in cherry blossom season.


Bermuda New Location 2.0
source: Youtube UnGraduate Gamer

The Academy will be the new location as well, replacing the Graveyard. From the name, the Academy will be a school complex where you can find lots of good loot!

Fisherman’s Creek

New Location FF Bermuda 2.0
source: Youtube UnGraduate Gamer

Fisherman’s Creek can be found southwest of the Bermuda Remastered map. This location will replace Rim Nam Village which is one of the least popular locations on the Bermuda map.

Of course, these 4 locations will provide a new atmosphere in Free Fire. Many FF players are likely to land in Yagami Garden, Academy, Fisherman Creek and Hydropower, so don’t be surprised if there will be a lot of fighting going on in these 4 locations.

Here are 4 new locations from the FF Bermuda 2.0 or Bermuda Remastered map! Don’t forget to keep visiting our website, to get the latest eSports news and follow us on Facebook!