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Here are 12 Arisan Applications that are Suitable for Young Mothers

Not just filling voting it just gets easier with application services on line, now the gathering is the same. Choosing who will be the lucky draw is made easier without the hassle of making shaking glasses and rolls of paper. Just use the social gathering application, all is well!

Well, for those of you who are still looking for the right application to use in various groups, here are 12 recommendations. Each one is unique and has a complete service. For that, see more information, yes.

1. Spin the Wheel

spin the wheel_

You can rely on the Spin the Wheel application to shuffle the social gathering online. In this application there are many choices wheel which can be customized according to your needs. You can choose a color, add text, or choose a design wheel easily.

In addition, there is a chat room feature that you can use to chat with colleagues who follow social gathering. Try the Spin the Wheel app by downloading it here.

2. Random Picker


Random Picker is an application that shows the name of the social gathering participants with the theme lucky wheel. So that the results are not confused, each participant can choose more than one of the 15 different colors. Automatically the number of participants accommodated is also quite large.

If one social gathering is not enough, Random Picker is able to add to the shuffle group so that they will not be mixed with each other. However, the most excellent thing in this application is seen in the simple interface that seems quite dynamic.

You can only find this online shuffle on the Android-based PlayStore. Don’t worry, the capacity is super small, only 2.9 MB. So it still fits for you install another application. Click here for download the app, yes!

3. Lucky Wheel


You can try the innovation of shaking social gathering through the Lucky Wheel service. Actually, this application is not specifically designed for social gathering moments. But with the same concept, of course there is no harm in trying.

To access it you need download first in the Play Store, so make sure gadgets Android based. If the number of your arisan members is only around 5 people, this application is a very suitable medium.

When starting, the wheel of fortune will spin randomly without being able tosettings previously. So you don’t have to worry about the results being biased. Waiting for the name to come out is not boring, thanks to the interesting color combination of the wheels. Want to try? Please download here!

4. Decision Roulette


A screen display that is not just basic elements has been successfully presented by Decision Roulette. Immediately afterinstall-through the Android PlayStore, you will immediately see a design that is so fun.

This social gathering application is able to accommodate the names of up to 50 members. If other apps represent names with custom colors, here everyone will get a unique image. You can even adjust the position of the image according to your taste.

The social gathering roulette wheel is even more supported with editing features that can adjust the text, background sound, to the position of the writing. No wonder if you want to use this application, you must also be prepared to provide 26 MB of memory. Get the best Android social gathering application made by Treebit Technologies via this link.

5. Arisan


If the Ceria Arisan application is not enough for you, you can also choose the Arisan application which has several other additional features. This application made by MK Selada can not only display randomly selected members but can also record the date and time of their victory.

Unfortunately, this Arisan application comes with a fairly monotonous color, it doesn’t offer a better interface stylish like some other social gathering applications.

But if you only need functionality, then the Arisan, which is no more than 2 MB in size, is really worth having. You can download on the Play Store via this link.

6. Established


The Mapan application is an application made by a local developer that is intended for you if you want to increase your income at home. One of them is to join social gathering at Mapan.

Yes, with this application, you can follow the social gathering of goods with other users. Not only that, the Mapan application also provides a means to communicate between users. So, you can get in touch with each other and share useful tips about social gathering, or how to increase your income.

7. Our Gathering


Want to use an online application while still experiencing manual social gathering? Obviously Arisan Kami is the solution. Because this social gathering application intentionally not only allows users to press buttons but can also shuffle by shaking it gadgets.

This application is also very light to download, and will not take up much space on the internal memory. Its interface is so simple yet attractive that makes it one of the best social gathering apps that you can use. Interested? Have our Arisan application made by CeriPOS Team by clicking this link!

8. Shox


This application is not much different from Mapan. You can rely on it to supplement your income. In this application, you can shop various types of goods with the social gathering system.

In addition, there is also a community that can connect you with other Shox users. This application from Shox Indonesia can be downloaded via the following link for free.

9. Cheerful Gathering

happy social gathering_

This application comes from the developer CeriPOS Team. Arisan Ceria allows you to do a lottery without using paper anymore. With this app, you just need to create a social gathering group and add members.

To determine the winner of the social gathering, you can immediately use the social gathering shake feature in the application. Later, the name of the winner will immediately appear on the cellphone screen. Try the Arisan Ceria arisan application here.

10. Arisan Management

Arisan Management_

There’s more, an arisan application from a local developer. Yes, the application is Arisan Management.

You can manage arisan according to your needs. Among them are creating social gathering groups and adding members and also checking the payment status of each member.

You can also categorize the social gathering according to its type. For example, gathering money or goods. Oh yes, to find out the winner of the social gathering in each period, you just have to rely on the social gathering shaker feature in this application.

Arisan Management application has user interface which is user friendly and easy to operate. Arisan Management can be downloaded for free via this link.

11. Arisan – Random gathering number

random arisan number_

This application is quite simple. You can use it easily to shake up social gathering. The trick, just enter the member number, then wait for the shuffling process to complete. Very easy, right?

Arisan application – Random arisan number is available on Google PlayStore and can be downloaded for free. Try it right here.

12. Shake Arisan Gans

shake the social gathering gans_

The Beat Arisan Gans application will help you determine the winner of the social gathering in each period. You only need to download this application on Google PlayStore, then enter the number of members from your arisan.

After that, wait for the number shuffling process to complete. The name of the winner will immediately appear on the cellphone screen. This application is very simple and easy to use. Download the Beat Arisan Gans application via this link.

Now social gatherings no longer have to carry a notebook. Enough in hand gadgets, all arisan details are recorded in full.

Of all of them, just use which one you think is the most supportive and easy. Finally, make sure the storage space gadgets you are sufficient to be able toinstall application. Good luck!