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Here are the 10 Teams That Will Participate in the 2022 MSC Tournament! 3 of them are representatives of Indonesia

Jakarta, July 3 2022, Moonton is ready to hold the grandest Mobile Legends competition in Southeast Asia, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang South East Asia Cup 2022 (MSC 2022).

This is the second time that Mobile Legends will hold an international level event in the E-Sports event with Southeast Asia as the participant. MSC is an annual competitive event officially organized by Moonton as the publisher and developer of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang with Southeast Asian countries as participants.

In 2022, MSC invited representatives from 5 countries, namely Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, and the Philippines. For 2022, there are 7 countries that will participate in MSC, namely Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam. Different from the 2022 MSC event last year, now the MSC event has a slightly different system. Especially in terms of selecting the team that will participate in this event.

And now there are 10 teams that will participate in MSC 2022 in Jakarta later. The following are the teams that have been selected and invited based on their achievements in their respective MPL.

1. Aerowolf Roxy (Indonesian MPL Champion)

2. Aether Main (Philippine MPL Champion)

3. Bigetron SG (Malaysia-Singapore MPL Champion)

4. EVOS Esports (Direct Invited from MPL Indonesia)

5. RRQ.O2 (Direct Invited from MPL Indonesia)

6. AirAsia Saiyan (Direct Invited from MPL Malaysia – Singapore)

7. Digital Devils Pro Gaming (Direct Invite from MPL Philippines)
8. Burmese Ghoul (Champion MM Qualifer from Myanmar)
9. Fantasy Play (Vietnam Qualifier Champion)
10. IDONTSLEEP (2022 MSC Champion)

Uniquely, there is a team that gets an official invitation by the organizers. Of course, the team is a very well-known team in their respective countries, for example the Evos team from Indonesia and the Saiyan team from Malaysia-Singapore. Of course, the team must be invited to the event to enliven the atmosphere.

Later, MSC 2022 will consist of 2 rounds, the Group Stage and the Playoffs. In the group stage, the 10 participating teams will be divided into 2 groups with a Round Robin (Bo1) match system. The top 2 teams from each group will advance to the playoffs with a Single Elimination system and Bo3 for the Semifinals and Bo5 for the Finals