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Head of Esports Bigetron Explains Bigetron RA's Preparation at PMPL SEA Finals 2022

Head of Esports Bigetron Explains Bigetron RA’s preparations at PMPL SEA Finals 2022. One of Indonesia’s proud teams in the PUBG Mobile arena, Bigetron RA, will be preparing to enter the big stage again.

This time Bigetron RA will compete in the PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) SEA Finals 2022 tournament after previously getting a slot from being the winner of the PMPL ID Season 2 regular season.

Even though they have become world champions, BTR has never won the PMPL SEA Finals and certainly wants to complete its titles from national, Southeast Asia and also the world.

Bigetron RA PMGC 2020

Thomas Vetra, Head of Esports Bigetron Esports explained the preparation of the Bigetron RA team to face the biggest PUBG Mobile tournament in Southeast Asia.

“The mentality of the players to be one” concern key to management. Just like conventional sports athletes.

There are several efforts made by the organization to maximize the potential of players, including; team bonding, nutrition fulfillment, psychologist sports facilities, as well as tight security during the pandemic to keep players in excellent condition,” said Thomas as quoted from RevivaLTV.

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Bigetron RA
Photo via: PUBG Mobile Esports ID

Hopefully Bigetron RA can be victorious in the PMPL SEA Finals 2022 so that the title will be complete from the national to the world level and establish itself again as the best team in Southeast Asia.

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