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Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life: More New Features

Even though it was released more than a decade ago, Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life is arguably one of the series Harvest Moon best ever. The game was first released on the GameCube console in September 2003 for the Japanese version and June 2004 for the English version.

Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life

Then, this game was also released on PS2 a year later. Either because the sales are good or it’s one of the games Harvest Moon with the best gameplay, A Wonderful Life was also re-released on PS3 and PS4, of course with various improvements, especially in terms of the less than perfect PS2 porting and many more.

In addition to the male version, Natsume also released a female version with the name Harvest Moon Another Wonderful Life. Yes, one of them is because many girls are really interested in this one game franchise.

If those of you are starting to get hooked Harvest Moon games and have never played this one series, you can try it. If you still want to know a lot of things in this game, we will discuss this game series in this article. Therefore, don’t miss it and follow us to the end.

Storyline Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life

This Harvest Moon game series has a story consisting of several chapters. At the beginning of the story, you and your father’s best friend, Takakura, take you to a place called Foget-Me-Not Valley. It is the place that Takakura and your father found.

Even though the buildings on the site are old, the land can still be used for farming and raising livestock. In the first chapter you will start the game with a cow, a milker, two tomato seeds, two notes, and also 3000 G money.

Then in this chapter married and out of town. In the next or second chapter, you have a child whose nature and character depend on the partner you choose. In this second chapter, you will get an additional room, dining room and kitchen. The refrigerator and bathroom were also developed. In the A Wonderful Life Special Edition, this chapter is renamed as “A Birth”.

The third chapter is called “Happy Harvesting”. Your son has grown up too. He is now 7 years old. In this chapter you can determine your child’s career. After that, you run the next chapter called “Happy Farm Life”, your child has grown into a teenager and wants to be independent. You will also age like the people in the village where you live.

Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life

Your child is finally growing up and your wife is getting older in the chapter To The Journey. What he does is the same as what you did in the first chapter such as harvesting and looking for a life partner. Your son can’t change his career this time.

The last chapter, The Twilight, shows that you and the people in the village where you live are getting older. Your son can’t change his career this time. The game ends when the protagonist dies and Takakura thinks about how to walk after your character dies.

Gameplay and Graphics

If Harvest Moon Save the Homeland appears with cell shaded graphics, A Wonderful Life is just the opposite. This Harvest Moon game, comes with full 3D graphics with chibi characters. Playing this game is like nostalgia with the Back to Nature series but with full 3D graphics. However, what is unfortunate for the PS2 port version, especially for The Special Edition version, this series has poor graphics, especially in terms of FPS. When playing this game, you will see a drop in framerate and long loading times. In addition, the graphics also seem muddy.

Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life

There is something that distinguishes Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life from other series, namely the inclusion of ducks and goats. Instead of functioning as cattle that incubate their eggs, the ducks in A Wonderful Life help the chickens to incubate the eggs that will become ducklings. Unfortunately you will not find a rooster in this game. Then the goats in A Wonderful Life will stop producing milk after a year of production.


In our opinion, gameplay-wise, A Wonderful Life has good gameplay. However, the drawback is in terms of graphics, especially for the PS2 version. You can play the remastered version on PS4 or PS3 for the improved version.