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Harvest Moon Hero of Leaf Valley Review: Better Game Remake

Even though this game is a decade old, Harvest Moon Hero of Leaf Valley is still fun to play. The game was released on the PlayStation Portable or PSP on June 19, 2009 for the Japanese version. As for the American version released a year later.

Harvest Moon Hero of Leaf Valley

It’s been a while since Natsume released the American version. If you don’t have a PSP, you can play Harvest Moon Hero of Leaf Valley on PC via an emulator. In this game, you will play the protagonist in Harvest Moon Save the Homeland.

Junebe this is the answer for those of you who are disappointed with the Save the Homeland series. Save the Homeland is Harvest Moon’s first game which was released on the PS2. The series comes with the latest graphic styles and third-person perspective.

Harvest Moon Hero of Leaf Valley

However, what makes fans disappointed is that there is no feature of getting married and having a family. Therefore, Hero of Lead Valley is here to revise it all. So, the Save the Homeland character you hoped for could get married.

Well, this time Buddygame will give a review about the game Harvest Moon this one. For those of you who are curious and want to find out first before playing it, follow this article to the end.

Gameplay and Storyline

At the beginning of this game you will find the protagonist coming to a village called Leaf Valley. The main character is given an inheritance by the grandfather of a small garden.

Then, you will meet the Harvest Goddest and Harvest Spirits who ask you to save the village from a company called FunLand that will destroy the village and turn it into a playground.

You must feel somewhat familiar with this story. Yes, this story is indeed the average theme of the Harvest Moon games. Even so, this game is still worth playing. In addition, this game is a cure for those of you who are disappointed with the Save the Homeland series.

Broadly speaking, Harvest Moon Hero of Leaf Valley is a remake version of Save the Homeland, but has more endings (16 endings), and various features such as getting married and having a family, new characters, and much more. The appearance of the city also looks different from the Save the Homeland version.

Not only is the story the standard Harvest Moon, the gameplay too. For us, there is no problem with the gameplay, maybe this is the hallmark of Harvest Moon. Especially those who like the same genre of games like this.

As we mentioned earlier, the most interesting thing about this game is the return of the married feature. The challenge is to build a relationship with your coveted character and get him married. Each character has its own characters.

To make one of them fall in love is to give them a gift. You also have to know what items they like and hate. And the key to success in attracting your favorite character is to give him a gift in the form of his favorite item.

However, there are characters that are quite difficult to approach and you must try your best to steal his heart, namely Alice, the CEO of FunLand, the company that will destroy your village and turn it into a playground.

Harvest Moon Hero of Leaf Valley

If you are lucky you can get him and marry him. Apart from getting married, your goal in this game is to earn and collect 50,000 G in 2 years.

You can get this money by raising livestock and farming. In addition, you can work part time or become a chef and sell the food you cook.

Of course, by selling your cooking, the profit you get will be greater than selling raw materials. For example, the eggs you cook can be sold for a higher price.

Harvest Moon Hero of Leaf Valley Conclusion

One of the advantages of Harvest Moon Hero of Leaf Valley is the graphics. Unlike Save the Homeland which comes with cell shaded graphics, Hero of Leaf Valley has full 3D graphics. The colors in Leaf Valley village are bright and pleasing to the eye.

Overall Hero of Valley can meet the expectations of lovers Harvest Moon. However, it is unfortunate that Hero of Leaf Valley does not provide a quick save feature. Even so, these shortcomings can be covered with all the equipment in this game.