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Guide To Get Topaz Through Monster Deniro★

Playing Ragnarok M: Eternal Love does make players nostalgic for those who have played the PC version of RO, not only veteran players but many players who have just played Ragnarok M. Not infrequently these new players have difficulty in several ways, especially on an item. being searched for. One of the most sought-after items for Ragnarok M Eternal Love players is Topaz. This item is one of the useful materials for Equipment Upgrades.

To find Topaz is not easy for several reasons that make this item difficult to obtain. You can get Topaz by killing Deniro★ monsters around Ant Hell and Kord Desert. To be able to find this monster is not easy because it takes luck to be able to meet this monster. Here are the steps to find Topaz Items in Monster Deniro★.

1. Go to Kord Desert/Ant Hell

2. Look for a Monster named Ant Egg

3. Kill the Ant Egg to find Deniro★

4. If you are lucky you can find 3 Deniro

5. Kill the monster to get Topaz

Note: sometimes when you kill Ant Egg, it’s often not Deniro★ that appears, but another monster. For this reason, it is quite difficult to find this rare monster.