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Guide to Finding Smokies in Prontera South Ragnarok M: Eternal Love

Smokie is one of the most sought after Mini Bosses by Ragnarok M: Eternal Love players. Because Smokie has the most wanted item Drop – look for by the players, namely Raccoon Leaf. This item will be needed later for those of you who want to go up Adventure Rank E, it seems that the sentence “The higher your character’s level, the harder it is to get the desired item” is indeed suitable for this situation.

An example is looking for Raccoon Leaf Items which have a fairly expensive price for only 1 item. To be able to get Raccoon Leaf you have to kill the Smokie Monster in the Prontera South Area. To be able to find you have to wait because the respawn time is every 30 minutes.

To be able to see the respawn time, you can see through the MVP feature (to be able to activate the mini MVP feature, you need a premium card by means of Top Up). If Smokie has appeared, there will usually be a notification of a Smokie picture talking under your character’s face.

Repawn Smokie Spots That Often Appear

To be able to get a Raccoon Leaf is not easy because the Drop Rate is only around 6%. Moreover, many players are also targeting this monster, so it takes a lot of effort and Lucky to be able to get Raccoon Leaf.