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Guide to Finding Mandragora Seed Monsters in Labyrn Forest Ragnarok M: Eternal Love

Playing Ragnarok M: Eternal Love does make players nostalgic for those who have played the PC version of RO, not only veteran players who have played but not a few players who have just played Ragnarok M. Not infrequently these new players have difficulty completing several missions, One of them is finding the Mandragora Seed monster.

This monster is one of the most sought after for Ragnarok M players because to find Mandragora items, complete Handbook and Pet missions. Mandragora Seed is a monster that you can meet in the Labyrn Forest, to find this monster is not easy because it requires several things to do.

Here’s how to find the Monster Mandragora Seed in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love.

1. Go to the Labyrn Forest and buy the Six Sense Potion item at NPC Supplies.

2. Use the Potion to see where the Mandragora Seed is.

3. After using the Potion, in the Map you will see a green shoot symbol which is the location of the Mandragora Seed.

4. Approach the shoot and select Collect Seed.

5. After that you must kill all Mandragora Guards that have appeared.

6. After killing all the Mandragora Guards please Seed them again.

7. After that, the Mandragora Seed appears and you can kill it.

Note : Potion effect only lasts 10 minutes and can be added if you use the potion again. Also note that each player will fight each other to kill this monster. So after all the Mandragora Seeds have been killed it takes 30 minutes to Respawn again.