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Guide to Complete Missions to Kill Weird Goblins Or Weird Goblins

Playing Ragnarok M: Eternal Love does make players nostalgic for those who have played the PC version of RO, not only veteran players who have played but not a few newbies who have just played Ragnarok M. Not infrequently for newbie players who are confused by some difficult quests and weird. One of them is about the Weird Goblin Killing Quest or the Weird Goblin Main Quest in Geffen. Many players had difficulties regarding the purpose of the quest, so the mission was abandoned. To complete the mission to kill the Strange Goblin, there are 2 ways:

1. Kill Goblins

Actually, this game still has a bug, namely in the language, there are several quests which will be difficult to complete if you still use Indonesian. Weird Goblin quest is one of them, change Indonesian to English to avoid language Bug. If you have changed the language, the quest that used to be killing strange goblins becomes a quest to kill goblins★. Goblins with star types can be found around the Goblin Forest and to find them is quite difficult.

2. Use Items Dumber Laser Gun

If you find it difficult to find Goblins, then there is another trick so you can get that type of Goblin. That is using a Laser Gun that can be purchased at the Amazing Toy NPC/Toy dealer. The method :
1. Purchase 10 Dumber Laser Guns.
2. Place the Laser in the Item Slot.
3. Look for Goblins who have strange habits, such as Goblins who talk and if killed will respawn instantly.

4. Use the Laser Gun to the Goblin. There are two possibilities that occur, namely the first Goblin can become smaller or the second Goblin can become bigger. If the Goblin gets bigger immediately use the Dumber Laser Gun again.

5. Use the Laser on the Goblin until the Goblin becomes a Goblin★ and kill the Goblin to complete the mission.