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GTA IV is coming back on Steam with some big changes!

Who doesn’t know the popular GTA IV game from Rockstar apart from the Grand Theft Auto series like GTA San Andreas and GTA V? Well, after previously selling GTA IV which was reportedly pulled by Rockstar from Steam and had surprised fans. What’s more, Rockstar Games has explained that the GTA IV Game Revocation is related to an issue with Windows Live Services which are no longer supported.

However, now we officially know the answer that the GTA IV game can still be found on Steam, but with a number of changes that inevitably have to be accepted and GTA IV: Complete Edition itself is rumored to be available on Steam plus Rockstar Games Launcher on June June 19, 2022 future.

Based on the Announcement released through the Steam Community, Rockstar is confirmed to be ready to re-release the GTA IV series directly in the format GTA IV: Complete Edition. Yes, you will get the full version of GTA IV, meaning the GTA IV series which has been specially bundled with DLC content from “Episodes from Liberty City”.

The good news is, for those of you who only had time to buy the base game without any DLC/Additional content from Episodes from Liberty City, you will be given the right to access or own the DLC for free. The save data that was in the previous version was confirmed and will still be carried over in the latest version.

As for the bad news, the latest version of the GTA IV series, starting with Radio Stations from RamJam FM, Self-Actualization FM, and Vice City FM will not be available for a while. Likewise, multiplayer content that has been officially deleted permanently as well as Windows Live feature services.


So, what do you think about GTA IV that will be released on Steam even with some big changes? Are you interested in buying it via Steam? It seems that what was discussed above in the latest GTA IV is complete and not separated from the DLC Episodes from Liberty City.