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Group of Teams that Qualified for PMPL ID Season 2 Grand Finals!

The Team that Qualified for PMPL ID Season 2 Grand Finals!

PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) Indonesia 2022 Season 2 has finally finished Regular Season last night.

After passing approximately 5 weeks of the month August yesterday, finally the teams will enter the round Grand Finals!

Of course, according to the tournament format that has been determined, only the teams that made it into the Top 16 Regular Season Standings will qualify for the Finals.

On 13 September 2022 yesterday, the end of the Regular Season closed with Bigetron Red Aliens is at the top.

Followed by the 15 teams below, they will enter the round Grand Finals which will be held this week.

16 teams that qualified for the Grand Finals

After calculating the points collected 24 teams in yesterday’s Regular Season, the following teams entered the Grand Finals PMPL ID Season 2:

  • Bigetron Red Aliens
  • ION Esports
  • Aura Esports
  • RRQ Ryu
  • Morph Team
  • Boom Esports
  • Siren Esports
  • Victim Sovers
  • Geek Fam ID
  • Onic Esports
  • Aerowolf Limax
  • The Pillars Slayer
  • EVOS Esports
  • Alter Ego Esports
  • Louvre Kings
  • Dranix Avengers

The highest points earned in the PMPL ID Regular Season last night were 831 points by Bigetron Red Aliens, and 16th place Dranix Avengers with 465 points.

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Teams that Failed in PMPL ID Season 2 Regular Season

For 8 other teams that can’t catch points from Dranix Avengers, they have to fall and can’t continue to the round PMPL ID Season 2 Grand Finals!

Here are the teams that fell in yesterday’s Regular Season,

  • Bona fide King
  • 69 Esports
  • Nara Esports
  • NFT Esports
  • Red Rocket Cosmic
  • 2k coins
  • Island of Gods
  • 21 Esports

Even though, 8 teams above have tried their best to reach the top of the Regular Season in this match.

Their performance has improved in the final Weeks, and provides resistance to other big teams that are quite tough.

Especially on Bona fide Kings and Nara Esports who has always been the center of attention during PMPL ID Season 2 because of his performance that is not inferior to other teams.

Watch the excitement from the Grand Finals of the PMPL ID Season 2 tournament and don’t miss it.

Stay tuned for the schedule to be announced, so stay tuned SPIN Website for information, and follow the account Instagram and Youtube our.