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Grock will be more OP in the new patch, this is the ultimate change!

Grock will be more OP in the new patch, this is the ultimate change!

It seems that Hero Grock will again be improved in performance by Mobile Legends. In the latest leaked patch, this hero will again be given a buff for his Ultimate.

Previously, for those who didn’t know, Grock had been buffed on the advanced server patch (before this) making Ultimate sicker.

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Additional Buff For Grock

And now Ultimate gets additional buffs. You can immediately see the Ultimate Grock changes below.

Grock OP
source: ig @grangerml.2

You see for yourself that the addition to the physical attack is increased to become more and more painful.

  • Previously the Additional Physical Attack from Grock was only 60%, now it becomes 90% in the new patch later (June 2022)

How about for Grock users? Will this be good news because Grock is getting more OP?

Before this, Grock was indeed a meta because his passive was changed and his Ultimate was in a big buff and could stun.

But not long after that Grock experienced a nerf which significantly reduced his performance. And now in the next patch Grock will get a buff that is big enough to make him even stronger, of course.

This good news certainly makes junglers nervous because the possibility of this hero being reused as an explaner or roamer is getting bigger.

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