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Graminity / FF, Can I Get Free Diamonds?

Free Fire is one of the games that is currently popular among mobile gamers in Indonesia. This light game and mediocre graphics are still widely played because publishers often provide events and prizes. They usually give out redeem codes and free skins. But not only that, there are also several ways to get free Gramity / Graminity Free Fire / FF diamonds.

Before discussing further, Graminity itself is a Free Fire diamond generator site which is currently being hype among players. This website has a look that is almost similar to other diamond generators. You can determine for yourself how many diamonds you want.

How Graminity FF Works

As we said earlier, this site is a diamond generator. Sites like this are mostly blocked by game developers because they make them lose money. Therefore, you can see the full discussion below.

Well, for those of you who are curious, here we give you how to get Diamond Free Fire / FF Free Gramity.

How to Use Graminity Free Fire

Graminity Free Fire
source: Dafunda

As you can see above, that is the main display of the Graminity diamond generator website which is currently popular among players. Without having to linger, let’s start the tutorial on how to get FF Gramity diamonds.

Does How to Get Diamonds from Gramity com Free Fire Work?

After we did the test, it seems that you will not get any diamonds. There are several reasons we can give to reinforce this.

  1. On the main page of this generator, we saw an inscription that the website visited was Not Secure. That is, this site cannot be trusted much different from websites like Prizat.
  2. For all processes related to transactions, the system should ask for a Free Fire account id, not a username which may be the same as someone else’s.
  3. After that, the site’s fakes are more visible when in the second stage. They entered the wrong server flag image.
  4. Then, they also do not provide a limit for the diamonds requested. This is very different from most Free Fire diamond generating sites that we have discussed.
  5. Finally, when the generate process has been carried out, you are asked to verify but are redirected to another website.

From this we can confirm that Graminity / Gramity com Free Fire / FF is SCAM or HOAX.

Junebe this is where the discussion about ends. If you have questions or feedback, you can write them in the comments column below. Don’t forget to also share this article with your friends so you won’t be fooled.

We stopped performing the steps until Gramity redirected to another website. So, we don’t know what will happen if you keep going. There could be malware or viruses that will enter the smartphone.