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GP Coins & MyClub Coins

As a PES Mobile player, of course you need the best agents or players in the Squad. Well, to get the best players in PES Mobile, you can make a purchase. For those who don’t know how to buy PES Mobile players, you must continue to read this article until the end.

The PES Mobile game does provide many interesting features for users, one of which is buying and selling players or agents. In addition, PES Mobile also provides several payment instruments that apply to PES Mobile Agent purchase transactions.

Some of these payment instruments include GP Coins and MyClub Coins. These two items are the most commonly used by players to buy things in PES Mobile, from Managers to the best players.

Meanwhile, MyClub Coins and GP Coins have their respective provisions regarding their use as a means of payment when buying PES Mobile players. Alright, so that it’s clearer, please refer to the full review on how to buy players, price conditions, and use of GP Coins and MyClub Coins to recruit PES Mobile players below.

PES Mobile Player Price

As we all know, PES Mobile is one of the best football games. This game can be played on Android or iPhone devices. Therefore, it is only natural that until now PES Mobile users have touched more than 500 million.

We are sure that there are many of you here who are PES Mobile players. If so, you will also agree that the purchase of the best Agent needs to be done to strengthen the Squad or Club you have.

Talking about purchasing players, in the PES Mobile game there are payment instruments in the form of GP Coins and MyClub Coins. The two payment instruments determine the purchase price of PES Mobile players.

For now 25,000 pinsg MyClub Coins can be used for buy 3 players at once from Card Type Basic and Legend. As for MyClub Coins, per 100 coins this can be used for buy 1 player of Card Type Highlights, POTW (Player Of The Week), Legend even Iconic Moment.

How to Buy PES Mobile Players

How to Buy PES Mobile Players

After knowing the purchase price for PES Mobile players, using either GP Coins or MyClub Coins, now we move on to how to make these transactions. For the first method, we will explain the procedure for purchasing PES Mobile players using MyClub Coins.

Here you are required to have at least 100 MyClub Coins, if you don’t have one you can top up PES Mobile first. Or you can also get free MyClub Coins by participating in Tournaments at Matchday Events, linking Konami IDs and so on.

If the MyClub Coin balance is sufficient, then you just have to follow the procedure below to buy PES Mobile players using MyClub Coins:

1. Open PES Mobile

Open PES Mobile

First of all, please open the PES Mobile application on your smartphone.

2. Enter the Contract Menu

Enter Contract Menu

After that go to the menu Contract

3. Open Agent

Open Agent

Then open the menu Agent on the next page

4. Choose a Special Agent

Choose a Special Agent

Then, because here we want to buy players using MyClub Coins, choose Special Agent

5. Define Group

Define Group

Next define group contains the desired player. To see the list of players, you can tap the Magnifying Glass icon in each group.

6. Tap Recruit

Tap Recruit

After that tap Recruit to do Catcha

7. Tap the MyClub Coin Icon

Tap the MyClub Coin Icon

Finally tap the icon MyClub Coin to confirm the purchase of players from the group.

How to Recruit PES Mobile Players Using GP Coins

Then for the second way is to buy players using GP Coins. These purchase items can be easily collected by selling players, selling Managers or through the PES Mobile Daily Login Bonus.

As we mentioned above that GP Coins can only be used to buy players of Legend and Basic Card Types. Even so, every time you buy a player using GP Coins, you can immediately get 3 players at once.

Then for the procedure for buying PES Mobile players using these items, you can see below:

1. Run PES Mobile

Run PES Mobile

Run PES Mobile on your smartphone. Make sure your device already has an internet connection.

2. Select Contract Menu

Select Contract Menu

Then the start page goes to the menu Contract.

3. Choose an Agent

Select Agent

After that select Sub menu Agent to make transactions to buy PES Mobile players.

4. Click Box Draw

Click Box Draw

Then Box Draw Agent or Standard to buy players use GP Coins.

5. Tap the Magnifying Glass Icon

Tap the Magnifying Glass Icon

Next tap Magnifying Glass icon to see a list of available players.

6. Click Recruit

Click Recruit

After that click Recruit to buy one of the players in the Agent.

7. Use GP Coins

Use GP Coins

Choose GP Coin as a means of payment

8. Purchase Confirmation

Purchase Confirmation

Confirm the purchase by pressing the button Recruit on the pop-up that appears

9. Successfully Purchased Players Using GP Coins

Successfully Purchased Players Using GP Coins

Until here you have succeed recruit PES Mobile players using GP Coins.


That’s the information from the team on how to buy PES Mobile players using MyClub Coins and GP Coins. In addition, above we also explain the price conditions to the types of player cards that can be purchased using MyClub Coins or GP. Through the method above, you have the opportunity to get the best players to strengthen your PES Mobile Squad.