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Golf Impact Crypto Money Making Game: Neowiz Finally Released! This is the download link!

If you are looking for a money-making game, maybe one of these games you can try to play.

Game Golf Impact: NEOWIZ is the first golf game to use crypto currency in its game.

Neowiz games as a publisher applies the Play-to-Earn concept where players can earn money by playing this game.

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Neowiz itself is working with Neoply (a subsidiary of Neowiz) to work on their blockchain part.

The plan is that they will bring the NFT system into the game in the next update, so that players can trade tokens from their games.

Through their teamcryptogolf twitter account, they announced the release of this game which you can easily download on the Playstore.

Don’t worry, this game is also available for those of you who want to play it in Indonesia.