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Ghost of Tsushima – Assassin's Creed Samurai Theme

Ghost of Tsushima is proof that the PS4’s capabilities can be pushed at a time where the next generation, the PlayStation 5, has already begun. This game will take you to a dark, but still beautiful, samurai world. Many gamers were curious when the trailer was shown at Paris Games Week a few years ago. This game looks like Assassins Creed with a Japanese theme. Even so, the latest PS4 game offers a fairly fresh new gameplay experience. Besides that, what’s even more unique is that when we look at the title and theme, for those who don’t know, Ghost of Tsushima is not a game developed by a Japanese game developer. This samurai-themed game was developed by a studio called Sucker Punch Production based in Washington DC, United States.

Ghost of Tsushima

This studio has produced cool games like Sly Cooper and Infamous. It seems that now there are no more limits for game developers to create games that take themes that are far from their culture. Yesterday Kojima made a game with very western characters, in his Death Stranding, now it’s the turn of the US developer to make a game with a very strong Japanese theme. For those of you who haven’t tried playing this game and want to read the Ghost of Tsushima review trailer, this time Game Buddy will discuss it. But before reading we will give a little disclaimer that we will give a little spoiler.

Plot of Ghost of Tsushima

Game made by a studio that has made several games such as Infamous and Sly Cooper is set in Japan in the 13th century. At that time, the Mongol empire led by General Khotun Khan invaded the East massively. To fight the invasion, Jin Sakai joins forces with local samurai on an island led by his uncle, Lord Shimura. However, the war ended tragically. The Mongols managed to kill all the samurai warriors and capture Lord Shimura.

Ghost of Tsushima

Jin was injured and dying. Fortunately, Jin is found and taken care of by a thief named Yuna who informs him that Tsushima has fallen into the hands of the Mongols. After recovering, Jin finally has a new goal which is to save Lord Shimura who is his uncle who was offered by Khotun Khan in a castle.

Very Slick Gameplay and Graphics

Ghost of Tsushima is a game that deserves a lot of praise, and Sucker Punch as a developer deserves appreciation for their hard work in making this one game. They managed to present very beautiful graphics and also very realistic details. You will see how beautiful the reflection of the shadow reflected in the water. In addition, Jin will be surrounded by waving trees and is very realistic. Even though it takes a historical background, the Ghost of Tsushima story is fiction and fantasy.

Ghost of Tsushima

Sucker Punch also successfully dramatized every scene in this game. The gameplay and audio are also beautifully designed. You can choose the voice acting according to what you want, whether you want to speak English or Japanese. However, even though it looks good, there are a few drawbacks when you choose voice acting in English. Some lip movements will look out of sync with the voice acting.

Ghost of Tsushima

The unsynchronized voice acting can still be covered with natural stories and movements. The gameplay is also commendable. This PS4 game offers a mix of Assassins Creed and Nioh gameplay. You will see frequent bloodshed. Therefore, this game is not suitable for gamers who are not yet mature. In this game you will defeat the enemy in two ways, by aiming, or by brutality. Jin will be met with many enemies who get in the way of his mission. The AI ​​in this game is also very good. The right level of difficulty makes this game very fun to play. Even more exciting, Ghost of Tsushima offers RPG elements that allow you to upgrade your character. The main character can be increased the ability to dodge, attack, and also aim.


Ghost of Tsushima is a game that is the most appropriate time filler especially during a pandemic like this. This game offers exciting gameplay wrapped with very beautiful graphics. You could say Ghost of Tsushima is the best game designed by Sucker Punch without having to get rid of the other two games that are also equally good. However, this game is not very suitable for those of you who want a game with a level of difficulty such as the Souls series and thicker RPG elements.