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Getting to Know PUBG Kar98 in the Real World

Kar98 is one of the favorite rifles for many PUBG players in both the PC and Mobile versions. High damage and steady accuracy make this rifle very easy to headshot opponents. Kar98 has the original name Karabiner 98k, is a bolt-action rifle made by Germany and produced by Mauser in World War II, to be precise in 1935. The Kar98k rifle uses 7.92×57mm Mauser bullets. This rifle is able to accommodate 5 bullets that are inserted either one by one or by using a stripper clip and using a bolt-action operating system (one shot cock). This rifle was developed from previous Mauser rifles, namely from the Karabiner 98b rifle, which was developed from the Mauser Model 1898 rifle. Because this rifle was shorter than the carbines of the time, this rifle was given the name Karabiner 98 Kurz, which means Short Model Carbine. 98.

The Kar98k is renowned for its good accuracy, with an effective range of up to 500 meters. Therefore, this rifle is often equipped with a telescope or what we know as a Scope to be able to shoot even further. With Scope the effective range of this rifle can reach 800 meters. However, this rifle is very heavy with a weight range of about 3.7-4.1kg, this is because the popular military doctrine at that time was long-range combat. So most soldiers are trained to be snipers. Plus, the raw materials for weapons at that time still used wood and iron instead of polymers like modern weapons.