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Get to know Griffith, the Savior from the Berserk Series

Griffith is one of the characters who become good friends with Guts and Casca. In addition he is also the person who created the Band of the Hawk and became a part of God Hand. Well, if we’ve discussed Guts and Casca before, this time Dafunda Otaku wants to invite you to discuss Griffith from Berserk.

As usual, before getting into the discussion, we would like to inform you that this article draws on information from existing sources. Still curious? Alright, let’s start the discussion.

The following is a discussion of the Griffith character from the Berserk series

1. Having a red behelit since childhood

Has Red Behelit Since Childhood + Griffith Berserk
Having Red Behelit Since Childhood © Kentaro Miura

The first thing we will discuss is that Griffith has had a red Behelit since childhood. Now for those of you who don’t know, this Behelit is an object that can turn someone into an Apostle.

However, Griffith’s Behelit is quite special. So since childhood Griffith is from a poor family, but he has strong ambitions. Well so at that moment Griffith received a red Beherit from a fortune teller.

2. Forming a Mercenary Group

Forming a Mercenary Group
Forming a Mercenary Group ©Kentaro Miura

Next, Griffith once formed a mercenary group. As we know, Band of the Hawk is a group of soldiers formed by Griffith. At the beginning of its formation, its members were only Pippin, Corkus and Judeau.

Then over time he met with Guts and helped Casca of the Nobles who wanted to rape her. Oh yeah, at first Guts had a duel with Griffith before joining.

3. Become the Fifth God Hand

Become the Fifth God Hand
Becoming the Fifth God Hand|©Kentaro Miura

Next, Griffith is a character who became the 5th God Hand in history. Well as we know the cause of the eclipse incident is Griffith, because he became God Hand at the expense of his friends.

So before the Eclipse incident, Griffith had lost to Guts so he defiled Princess Charlotte as an outlet. As a result he was imprisoned in the Tower of Rebirth. Long story short Band of the Hawk came to save him, but worse Griffith even sacrificed his friends.

4. Establish Falconia

Establish Falconia + Griffith Berserk
Founding Falconia|©Kentaro Miura

After becoming the fifth God Hand, Griffith also turned into Femto and incarnated using the physical body of Casca’s fetus. Now, after returning from the Tower of Rebirth, Femto also came carrying a top-class Apostle to start the conquest of Midland.

Long story short the war with the land of Kushan ensued, then after the defeat of Ganiskha, Griffith took advantage of the opportunity to unite the astral and human worlds. Due to this incident, the human world is full of monsters, so Griffith establishes Falconia as the safest place in the world.

5. Weak Against the Full Moon

Weak Against Full Moon + Griffith Berserk
Weak Against the Full Moon © Kentaro Miura

The last thing that is interesting about Griffith is that he is weak against the full moon. So during the full moon, it is said that the doi’s strength will weaken. In addition, Dragon Slayer and Sword of Beherits are said to still be able to harm Griffith even in astral form.

In chapter 358, Griffith noticed that his hair color started to change and he just disappeared. Meanwhile in chapter 237, Skull Knight explains that no one can fight Griffith except outsiders from the world of Berserk.

That’s the discussion about Griffith’s character from the Berserk Series. Now, after reading this article, what do you think about this character, then how do you feel after seeing the incident he created.