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Get to know Game for Peace, the Chinese Version of PUBG Mobile! What's Different?

This is Game For Peace, PUBG Mobile specifically for players in China!

Since the emergence of the team from China, Nova XQF and also the dreaded 4AM in the PMGC tournament this time, of course you are curious about how they play.

In fact, they are playing in a game that is not PUBG Mobile, but called Games for Peace which is a Chinese version of the battle royale game.

Indeed, in terms of maps, gameplay, and weapons, everything is the same, it’s just that there are some features that are different.

PUBG Mobile has many versions in different countries, for example China, Japan, Korea, and even India which recently released its own version.

Of course, in different versions there are some differences that one version certainly doesn’t have, even though the game is the same.

Let’s see the difference!

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Difference between Game for Peace and PUBG Mobile!

Spawning Zone

Source: Gaming Mobile

Before you enter the map, of course you will be in an area where each map has a different place.

In PUBG Mobile, we will be placed for approximately 1 minute somewhere together with other players, which is usually called the Spawning Zone.

In Game For Peace, players will also wait together with other players, but the difference is that they are at an airport, where there are hangars and airplanes flying, some even landing.

Here we see that the spawning where players are waiting is more interesting in the Chinese version than the global version.


Source: Gaming Mobile

In PUBG Mobile Global, the safezone is blue and looks like energy that has an electric element in it, making players who enter the energy lose their blood.

Well, it’s different for Game for Peace whose zone is called signalzone, where to make player disconnect from the game or die, when your signal meter runs out.

So in Game For Peace, there is another meter besides blood and energy, namely the Signal Meter which will decrease if you are outside the Signal Zone.

Therefore, there is an additional item, namely the Signal Battery, which serves to fill your reduced signal meter.

Wow, it’s okay to dare to play outside the zone, apparently the blood doesn’t decrease if you are outside the zone, but still you will die immediately if your signal meter is empty.

Kill Player

In Chinese government regulations, it is not allowed to show blood and corpses, of course there are slight changes that occur in the game.

The blood splatters turned like firecrackers, and when players were killed they would sit down and wave goodbye.

It’s funny, Spinners, when you see the enemies we’ve killed say goodbye to us. You can directly watch the video below if you want to see even more differences.

So those are some of the differences in Game for Peace, with PUBG Mobile Global, do you want to try it?

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