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Get ready to reminisce! Contra: Return will be released soon in Indonesia

The game that was victorious in the past, namely Contra, has now got the latest version with the title Contra: Return. Unmitigated, this game will be developed by 3 well-known companies, namely Garena, Tencent Timi Studios and Konami. Although it has not been released globally, the developer Garena has announced the start of the Southeast Asia pre-registration phase for Contra: Return, the highly anticipated mobile game based on the classic “Cons” game. The SEA server will be officially released for players from Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand. Players who pre-register will now receive diamonds, gold and other in-game bonuses at launch.

While the key iconic characters and gameplay stay true to the classic 3D side-scrolling experience, the tech-fiction elements and modern game modes, as well as updated graphics offer new gamers a new gaming experience. There are new gameplay mechanics, characters, weapons and pets introduced in Contra: Return. RPG elements were also added in the form of a new story as well as advanced upgrade features. Regular game content updates are also promised. And the most anticipated for Contra is Player VS Player (PvP). Contra: Return has introduced a new multiplayer feature to allow players to challenge their friends online in 1 vs 1, 2 vs 2, 3 vs 3 as well as ranking settings. In PvP, players can choose from more than 20 playable characters, with each character having unique active, passive and ultimate abilities. Players can also collect EXP and other bonuses by spawning monsters and items in the arena, allowing for different strategies and play styles in each battle.