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Get Free FF Surfboard, Use new ParaFAL Weapon!

Want to know how to get a free ff surfboard at this new event?

In the battle royale game, your shooting ability is very important to get victory.

Yes! Imagine if you are not so fluent in using weapons, then you will find it difficult to get kills.

Weapons are the most important thing in the Free Fire (FF) game, and after yesterday’s new update, FF released a new weapon.

paraFAL, is an Assault Rifle type weapon that will accompany us in fighting on the Free Fire map.

As usual, if something new comes out, FF will usually surprise its fans too.

This time, FF will distribute free surfboards to FF players in this Ob24 Patch, how do you do it?

Get Free Surfboard Using ParaFAL!

The method is quite easy, you only need to play with weapons ParaFAL the new one.

By getting 10 kills using ParaFAL, you will immediately get Priestess Fox Surfboard permanently!


You can collect this kill from date 23 September – 29 September 2022, namely the time this event takes place.

Wow, a permanent surfboard, you guys, who doesn’t want to try it, it only takes 10 kills.

This surfboard has a red color with gradations to yellow, making this surfboard look cool.

There is a pattern of a fox with paws on the surfboard, true to the name of the item itself.

Of course this is very easy for those of you who are good at shooting, of course. It’s hard just to find the ParaFAL weapon.

But don’t worry, ParaFAL weapons are standard weapons that you can find anywhere on the map.

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ParaFAL Weapon

Weapons that enter the Intermediate Tier have been leaked before the OB24 Patch entered.

Now, we’ve got that weapon Assault Rifle this is a pretty good gun for spraying.

Headshot damage from ParaFal it’s not so high just around 150 damage only, but for close combat, it can be deadly.

ParaFal has a decent firing speed which makes this weapon a good weapon for rushing.

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