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Get Free Diamonds by Reporting Bugs on FF Advance Server!

Get Free Diamonds by Reporting Bugs on Free Fire (FF) Advanced Server!

Just like games in general, Free Fire also experiences bugs or minor errors in their games.

Uniquely in this Free Fire game, these errors or bugs if we report it to the developer (Garena) then we can get gifts.

The gift that Garena gave was not a random gift, but free diamonds which is quite a lot depending on how many bugs you find.

Then how to find an error or bug in the Free Fire (FF) game which we can later report to the developer and we can get free diamonds? If you have found the bug, how do you report it? We will discuss all of that here!

How to Find Bugs in Free Fire

Previously if you wanted to find a bug, the first thing you had to do was play the Free Fire game.

But you have to play Free Fire on Advance Server which can only be played by a few players. For how to join, the possibility is still the same as in how to join Advance Server last July 2022.

If you have entered the Advance Server (trial server) you just have to play Free Fire and pray that you can find bugs. Later if you manage to find a bug, you just need to report the bug and wait for a response from Garena FF. So how do you report it?

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How to Report a Bug in Free Fire

  1. Login to the Free Fire Advance Server website in August 2022 if it has been opened. Don’t forget to register an account first.
  2. Press the button find bugsthen start reporting bugs.
  3. After that you will be treated to some questions about the bugs you find. Answer all Existing questions according to the bugs found.
  4. Fill in the correct description of the bug you find, then enter your smartphone model.
  5. Upload evidence of a bug in the form of an image or video.
  6. Press the done button to submit a bug report.

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After that later if your bug report has been received, just wait until Garena responds then wait a moment until you receive a diamond gift soon.

In addition, if the Free Fire Advanced Server in August has been opened, we will share it here!

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