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Get acquainted with 5 Differences Infinix Note 11 and Infinix Note 12

Infinix is ​​back to enliven the Indonesian smartphone market by releasing the Infinix Note 12 on June 30, 2022. The latest Infinix mobile phone in 2022 comes with a premium design to the addition of a number of new features and specifications to satisfy Indonesian Android phone lovers.

This manufacturer even presents a new processor and bigger RAM to provide smooth performance when used for daily use or gaming.

Interestingly, some specifications of the Infinix Note 12 are still similar to the old series, namely the Infinix Note 11. Call it a battery capacity that both uses 5000 mAh. Not only that, the camera sector of the second HP Infinix is ​​also almost the same. Of course this will make those of you who want to upgrade your old cellphone to the latest cellphone become curious. Is the improvement presented by Infinix on the Note 12 series really serious or just a gimmick?

Of course, it is interesting to compare the Infinix Note 12 with the Infinix Note 11. This is because manufacturers market these two products for the youth market who are looking for a smartphone with reliable performance. What are the differences between Infinix Note 11 and Infinix Note 12? Check out the reviews below.

Infinix Note 11 Specifications

infinix note 11
Screen AMOLED 6.7 inch
Chipset MediaTek Helio G88
Internal Memory 64GB

50 MP (wide)

2 MP (depth)

0.3 MP (AI)

Battery Li-Po 5000 mAh
Price At Release IDR 2,299,000

Specifications of Infinix Note 12

Infinix note 12 - polar black
Screen AMOLED 6.7 inch
Chipset MediaTek Helio G96
Internal Memory 128GB, 256GB

50 MP (wide)

2 MP (depth)


Battery Li-Po 5000 mAh
Price At Release IDR 2,799,000

Differences Infinix Note 11 and Infinix Note 12

In these two HP Infinix, you will find a screen, engine and camera that are both of the same quality. So that you don’t make the wrong choice, consider the differences between the Infinix Note 11 and the Infinix Note 12 below.

1. Attractive Design Side

Infinix Note 11

Infinix mobile tries to emphasize that its Note variant does have an elegant and luxurious design. This is emphasized by Infinix in the Infinix Note 12 where this cellphone presents a cleaner and more elegant design than previous products. Unfortunately, the body material used is still the same.

The difference between the Infinix Note 11 and the Infinix Note 12 that stands out is of course on the back of the body. The body design of the Infinix Note 12 looks luxurious and cleaner with the latest square-shaped camera module containing three cameras arranged vertically and an additional LED flash.

Then look at the Infinix Note 11 body design made more solid. This latest HP Infinix rear camera uses a unique module and is smaller than the Note 12 series with a different camera arrangement. On the back of this body there is 1 large camera and below it there are 2 small cameras and LED Flash. Unfortunately, this Note 11 series camera module stands out a bit.

For the front body, both cellphones use the same bangs screen design. Even on the front camera, both cellphones present a front camera at the top center of the water drop-style screen. This camera design is considered more comfortable for selfies than the selfie camera design in the corner of the screen.

Talking about dimensions, the Infinix Note 11 has a body size of 164.4 x 76.7 x 7.9 mm and weighs 184 grams. The Infinix Note 12 measures 164.5 x 76.8 x 7.8 mm and weighs 184.5 grams.

2. Almost Similar Screen Sector

infinix note 11 screen_

Infinix is ​​well-known as a manufacturer that consistently presents a wide-screen sector with capable technology. This is still being applied by Infinix on the Infinix Note 11 and Infinix Note 12.

Physically, the two Android cellphone screens are similar, but in fact they carry slightly different technology. This smartphone already uses a wide AMOLED panel screen that is 6.7 inches with a Full HD + resolution of 1080 x 2400 pixels.

The difference between the Infinix Note 11 and Infinix Note 12 screens is indeed quite thin. The Note 11 screen has a good viewing angle and has an ideal brightness level of 750 nits. This screen is also capable of displaying more vibrant and bright colors. In fact, Smartprix says this Infinix series screen has good contrast and coloring.

The Infinix Note 12 features True Color technology on the AMOLED panel used. Manufacturers also present a smoother screen response technology so that the latest Infinix HP is comfortable for gamers to use. Interestingly, this HP screen offers more realistic contrast and colors than the previous series.

3. Mediatek Helio G Different Series

Helio G88

Despite having a nearly similar body design, it turns out that the difference between the Infinix Note 11 and the Infinix Note 12 that stands out is in the engine or kitchen runway. The reason is, the Infinix manufacturer installed high-performance chipsets in these two widescreen cellphones.

Just look at the Infinix Note 11, this phone uses the Mediatek Helio G88 SOC with 12 nm fabrication. This chipset has an octa-core configuration consisting of 2 Cortex A75 cores (2.0 Ghz) and 6 Cortex A55 cores (1.8 Ghz). This chipset is also equipped with a Mali G52 MC2 graphics processing card. With these specifications, the chipset is claimed to be more power efficient but still fast for multitasking.

Then dissect the Infinix Note 12, this 4G smartphone uses the Mediatek Helio G96 chipset. This is an SOC with the most up-to-date technology that has an octa-core configuration, namely 2 Cortex A76 units (2 Ghz) and 6 Cortex A55 cores (2.05 Ghz). To support smooth gaming performance, the Mali G57 GPU is also installed.

Infinix Note 11 uses 4 and 6 GB of RAM for the NFC version. For storage, the Note 11 is equipped with 64 GB of memory and 128 GB for the NFC version. Meanwhile, the Infinix Note 12 uses 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB and 256 GB of internal memory.

Interestingly, in the latest system update, both HPs get the Extended RAM feature. In the Infinix Note 12, you can expand the RAM memory from 8 GB to 13 GB.

From the differences between the Infinix Note 11 and the Infinix Note 12 above, it appears that the Infinix Note 12 has better performance because it has the latest generation chipset and large RAM. These two sectors will make multitasking fast. In addition, the use of a more updated Android system, namely Android 12 on the Infinix Note 12 series, makes the experience of using this cellphone even more exciting.

4. Almost Similar Camera

Infinix Note 12

Turning to the difference between the Infinix Note 11 and the next Infinix Note 12, namely the camera sector. Infinix Mobile understands that the Indonesian market still requires a high-quality camera on a smartphone at an affordable price. So in this Note series, a rear camera is installed that follows current market trends.

Infinix Note 11 and Note 12 come with the same camera configuration. You will find a capable camera quality with 3 rear cameras. The first camera is a 50 MP main camera with f/1.6 aperture with autofocus feature. The second camera has a 2 MP macro camera. The third camera is a QVGA camera which reportedly functions as an AI camera.

Interestingly, for the Note 12 series, the 2 MP macro camera is replaced with a 2 MP depth camera.

Many think the rear camera of the Note series is just a gimmick. However, it turns out that the 50 MP camera is quite good and detailed for taking pictures and recording videos. Moreover, this main camera can record 2K 30 fps video.

The difference in the camera actually appears in the choice of camera mode which is claimed to be more updated in the Note 12 series compared to the Note 11. For similarities, the two HP Infinix still use a 16 MP front camera with f/2.0 aperture which is equipped with Dual LEDs.

5. Price Ranges That Are Not Much Different

Infinix Note 12

For the price, the Infinix Note 11 is sold in the range of Rp. 2 million or under Rp. 3 million. The Infinix Note 11 is priced at IDR 2,299,000 and the Infinix Note 11 NFC is priced at IDR 2,499,000. This price may decrease if you check the store on line.

Infinix Note 12 is also sold at a price below Rp. 3 million. You as a consumer can get it for Rp. 2,599,000 for the 8/128GB memory variant and Rp. 2,779,000 for the 8/256GB variant. However, usually in stores on line some sell a little cheaper.

With this price range, the Infinix Note 11 and Note 12 both offer a 5,000 mAh battery with 33 W charging.


The changes that Infinix offers on the Infinix Note 12 are actually not too many. In fact, the biggest difference between Infinix Note 11 and Infinix Note 12 is only in the engine. Fortunately, the engine changes that are presented are very pronounced compared to the previous series machines. So, both the Infinix Note 11 and Note 12, could be an interesting alternative cellphone that should be looked at