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Genshin Impact Will Have Two New Elemental Dendro Reactions!

Genshin Impact, one of the popular RPG games, has been leaked to have a combat system update in the form of two new elemental dendro reactions that are planned to be present in the next update.

The two new Dendro elemental reactions from Genshin Impact are actually still a mysterious thing and have not been officially disclosed by the developer studio miHoYo.

But now, the two new dendro elemental reactions have been leaked to the public which are planned to be present in the form of an update to the Genshin Impact game.

This information came from a trusted leaker via tweet posting from a Twitter account with the username @Genshin_Intel.

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Genshin Impact Update Leaks

In that tweet he has leaked information about the new dendro elemental reactions Genshin Impact that will come in his latest update.

Mentioned, the two new dendro elemental reactions that will come are named Intensified and Overgrown.

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