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Gears 5 – Reducing the Linear Portion

Gears 5 – Gears of War is one of the mainstay franchises made by Microsoft which is quite popular with gamers. The prequel of this game was first released on the Xbox 360 console and quite caught the eye. The gameplay offered is not so revolutionary, but what makes it interesting is the third person mechanism with an exciting dark feel. As a Microsoft exclusive game, this game has its own charm. Until now, the next series are still played by gamers. The latest series released is Gears 5 which came out in 2022.


Some time ago, Steam had made this game free for a few days, and then revoked it so that Gears 5 players bought this game. For those who have never played the Gears of War series, you can immediately play this series even though the stories are interconnected with each other. For those who are curious, you can follow the article Buddy Game this time.

Storyline Gears 5

So far, not all Gears have also been released on PC. After the first Gears of War, Microsoft finally released the Gears series that can also be played on PC, namely Gears 5. You can buy and install this game via Steam. Story-wise, the fifth installment of the Gears of War series continues the fourth series. This time, you will play Kait Diaz, who is a descendant of Myrrah (Queen of the Locust Conspiracy). Kait himself is a support character in Gears of War 4 and a member of the COG squad.

Gears 5

In this series, JD, Del, and Marcus return to COG Armi and form a new Delta Squad. They went to a place called ruins of Azura to launch the Hammer of Dawn satellite and restore the network. After the launch of the satellite, they returned to New Ephyra where the person who requested the launch of the Hammer of Dawn satellite, Baird, informed him that he could not place another satellite. Meanwhile, First Minister Jinn received a message that Settlement 2 would be attacked by the Swarm. Finally, JD was sent to accompany the evacuation.

The most interesting thing about this game is the characterization. The characters in this game are depicted humanely. They each have their drawbacks. Like JD Fenix, a person who is very confident, but ultimately fragile because his very high self-confidence made him fall into an incident that finally made him realize. The depiction of characters designed by The Coalition as a developer, seems to bring players into the story presented by Gears 5.

Gears 5 Gameplay Gameplay and Graphics

For fans of Gears of War, you definitely know how the style of play presented by this game series is. Gears of War comes with a very fast and linear style of play. The limited map is decorated with a dark and brutal environment. However, there is a difference worked out by The Coalition in this game. There are several new aspects that we think are successful and unsuccessful at the same time. Junebe here The Coalition wants to experiment a little bit how when the Gears of War game is developed again to a further level.

While the previous Gears of War game carried a very linear and fast cover-based shooting style, now Gears 5 comes with a wider map. You could say this game carries an open world style. Here you can use a ski and boat combination vehicle called the Skiff to circle the area. However, this change seems less exciting because the execution is not that good. The open world feature seems a bit tricky in the game. This sometimes makes the game more lively, but sometimes if the execution is lacking, the game will look more boring, and unfortunately this is what happened to Gears 5.

As for the graphics, Gears 5 is quite pleasing to the eye even though it’s not too special. The details provided are indeed much better than the previous series. The boring expansive map, however, has good detail.


Gears of War fans may be happy and a little disappointed with this newest game. However, it doesn’t hurt to try to play Gears 5. For us, this game still has very cool gameplay. Besides that, the fifth series of Gears of War still has a very slick story to follow.