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1000 new communities every day from hundreds of games using this application, making a gathering place for amateur gamers. mobile app, launched only 6 months ago, has grown rapidly to become Mobile eSports platform number 1 in the world. In a short time it has facilitated 11 million tournament participants and now can move 1 tournament in every minute! And now it has become a gathering place for amateur gamers to play and hone their playing skills through the participation of gaming communities, supported by influencers and prize pool the big one. organizes tournaments through communities from around the world for more than 300 games such as Garena’s Free Fire, Brawl Stars, Clash Royale, PUBG Mobile, and Call of Duty Mobile. They also held a women’s-only tournament to support the development of female gamers in the eSports world.

Besides being able to compete in community-based tournaments for popular games, gamers can also take advantage of the rapid growth of to expand their network with more than 100,000 communities, connect and interact with team members using text chat or voice chat, enjoy video content from professional gamers and influencers, and win amazing prizes from huge prizepools.

“This is a very exciting time for the eSports industry. The number of people playing games and the time they spend playing games is increasing rapidly. Many amateur gamers don’t have the direction to hone their skills in eSports. Through this platform, we can help them by paving the way for them to become pro players while developing communities grassroots”, say Rosen Sharma, CEO of

“By working with, we are providing opportunities for many young gamers to embark on a journey together with a mentor every step of the way. Live stream of the tournament have engagement which is high from the audience who are mostly amateur gamers. We look forward to welcoming many ambitious young players to our community.” Say Ritik Jain, Youtuber and Founder of Two-Side Gamers. is powered by an AI-based eSports assistant (artificial intelligence) named ‘Tourney’, which can run a tournament from start to finish with ease. Tourney helps communities, streamers and content creators create their own community tournaments. Major game developers have integrated with Tourney to help fuel the communities of their games.

“Mobile eSports has evolved rapidly from focusing on a few big tournaments to organizing thousands of tournaments throughout the day for all types of gamers. We used Tourney, our AI-driven eSport assistant to help host over 1600 tournaments in one day,” said Sharman., the number 1 Mobile eSports platform in the world, has seen a huge improvement since its founding in 2022. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, this app was developed by an extraordinary team of game developers, gamers, and influencers. Currently, is operating in 17 countries, including Indonesia, USA, Korea, Japan, Vietnam, India, Germany, France, Italy, Brazil, Russia, and Turkey.

The tournament platform is driven by a AI-based eSports assistant unique one named Tourney. Tourney helps communities, streamers and content creators to create their community tournaments from start to finish automatically.

To date, Tourney is available on more than 300 games, and more games are added every week.

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