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Game Review Red Faction: Guerrilla Re-Mars-Tered (Switch)

Red Faction Guerrilla Re-Mars-Tered is an exclusive game for Nintendo Switch. This Action game is wrapped in an addictive open world. THQ Nordic’s game for Nintendo Switch is a continuation of the success of the Red Faction game previously released for Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC. Although in terms of visuals it is not as good as the Xbox One, PS4, and PC versions, but of course in terms of gameplay it will promise interesting gameplay.

review red faction guerilla nintendo switch

Game Story Plot Red Faction: Guerrilla

The previous series Red Faction is an FPS genre game. Until in the end this game genre turned into an open world game with a third person shooter point of view. Game Red Faction Guerrilla is set on the planet Mars. In this game, you will play as Mason who is someone from Earth who wants to find life on Mars. Mason hopes for a better life. But the tragedy that comes makes him have to live a difficult and challenging destiny.

red faction guerilla switch review

Mason is an important character in this game. He is tasked with delivering independence for the planet Mars. Mason and members of the Red Faction are trying to fight the EDF (Earth Defense Force) invaders who have great military power and advanced technology. To defeat them, Mason and the Red Faction only rely on war strategy.

Because it takes place on the planet Mars, the game atmosphere is dominated by the color red. The red planet, which is dominated by high cliffs, a different atmosphere, and the great distance between buildings, illustrates the Mars situation that has been imagined so far.

Gameplay in Red Faction: Guerrilla

Red Faction Guerrilla Re-Mars-Tered is an open world action game with a third-person perspective. This game is full of crushing scenes. You can destroy almost all the buildings in this world. Interestingly, each building is depicted as realistically as possible. Even when it collapses, the building will crumble just like it did in the real world.

red faction guerilla nintendo switch

To explore the vast world, this game provides many types of vehicles. There are also military vehicles that you can find on earth. Vehicles function to move places, carry people, and also chase enemies on certain missions. Interestingly, the weapons in the vehicle have no bullet limit, it’s quite fun to slaughter enemies. In addition to vehicles there are also robots that have great damage. The type of robot that exists is a melee type that can damage anything and a range that can defeat enemies from a distance.

game red faction guerilla nintendo switch

The weapons you can use include the Nano Rifle with a painful laser effect to the Rocket Launcher which is powerful against enemies flying from a distance. This game is dominated by crushing gameplay. Every hit and explosion could be described quite perfectly. The resulting fire and smoke effects are also suitable for those of you who like games with the theme of destruction.

Red Faction Guerrilla Re-Mars-Tered Gameplay Video

Controls and Weapons

Shooter-themed open world games feel more intense because of the choice of weapons and fighting modes provided. When you want to play all out, you can attack enemies with rocket launchers, firearms, and backpack heals to support fighting in open spaces. You can use these heavyweight weapons to defeat large vehicles such as robots.

game review red faction guerilla nintendo switch

Then if you want to play safer, you can choose long-range weapons and jetpacks to kill the enemies one by one. Many options in killing opponents make you more comfortable when playing this game. This game frees you to choose which method is the best to defeat the enemy, be it brutal or stealth. Unfortunately, because there is no auto-lock system, it makes it difficult for you to target enemies with the Switch controller.


Red Faction Guerrilla Re-Mars-Tered is a remake of the Red Faction game that was previously available for PS4 and Xbox One. Since this version is specifically for Nintendo Switch, of course from a visual perspective it can’t be better than the console version. But this game is quite satisfying for those of you who like shooter games with an additional element of intensive destruction. Read: The Latest Nintendo Switch Games 2022.

After completing this game, you will get a new weapon and the option to upgrade the game difficulty level. The weakness that is quite noticeable in this game is the feel of Mars that is less alive even though the enemy we are facing is a large and sophisticated army. In addition, the side quests provided are also less challenging.