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Game Review: Honkai Impact 3rd Best Action RPG Game

Talking about games with the best graphics quality, Honkai Impact 3rd deserves to be one of the best games on the smartphone platform. This Action RPG (ARPG) genre game can be played on an Android phone, iPhone, or PC via TGB (Tencent Gaming Buddy). This game made by Mihoyo, a developer from China was first officially released in November 2022. What’s interesting about this game is that it has a graphic quality that is close to the console or PC version of the game.

honkai impact 3rd review

Honkai Impact 3rd Grafis Graphic Quality

Honkai Impact 3rd deserves to be called one of the games with the best graphics quality, even approaching console games. Mihoyo brings the character and feel of anime and manga-style games into this game. Game graphics can be adjusted according to device specifications. For example, if you have a cellphone with potato specifications, you can set the graphics settings to a low level so that you can play smoothly.

But if the specifications are god-class cellphones or PCs, you can play at the top graphics settings with HDR effects that make the characters more alive. Especially for cellphones, you must provide an internal memory capacity of at least 2 GB to 3 GB. Then if you want to enjoy smooth performance, it is recommended to have at least 3GB of RAM and a processor with an AnTuTu score of at least 100,000, read: The phone with the highest AnTuTu score.

Gameplay and Storyline

Honkai Impact 3rd is one of the games with type gameplay hack and slash. It’s just that it’s different from all existing action RPG games, the Honkai Impact 3rd game doesn’t have an auto mode. So, to play it you need a lot of free time and persistence. All Honkai Impact 3rd characters are nicknamed Valkyrie and have a fashionable, beautiful, and cute appearance typical of anime characters. For those of you who like anime characters waifu definitely love playing this game.

honkai impact 3rd gameplay review

When playing for the first time, you will be assisted by the figure of AI-chan. Figure Artificial Intelligence This funny game will guide you through information and how to play each character. AI-chan will also help you to understand the game tutorial. Honkai Impact 3rd has English, Japanese, and Mandarin language options.

The storyline of this game is quite complex. It’s even possible that at one time you can finish many storylines at the same time. The many storylines and missions make this game not boring. Moreover, the Honkai Impact 3rd game does not have an auto mode, so the sensation of playing is really like playing a game on a console. Interestingly, each new storyline will bring new characters. Good gameplay makes this game worthy of being one of the best games for android phone.

Fast and Addictive Control System

When playing in one mission, you can bring 3 mainstay Valkyries. When fighting you can mutually change characters instantly and quickly. Each character has their own moves. Even the key combinations for each character are different. For example, the character Fu Hua. To issue combos and ultimate skills you have to press two buttons simultaneously and a certain pattern.

honkai impact 3rd control review

The moves issued to a character can also vary depending on the weapon used. Makin sick the weapon you use, the more critical the effect of damage that will be received by the enemy. Each enemy and Valkyrie character has a different type of attribute, namely Physics, Mecha, and Creature. Each Valkyrie has 3 variants of attribute types. We suggest that if you want to play, you bring all Valkyries with different attribute types so that the enemy loses faster.

Valkyrie character control feels addictive because the character will attack and lock the enemy that you have not defeated. So, even if you move here and there, the Valkyrie will still attack the enemy without having to aim at the target. Interestingly, the flexible camera system also helps you attack the enemy without having to adjust the camera position.

Character (Valkyrie) Honkai Impact 3rd

You can get every Valkyrie character through the gacha system. So, to get good characters, there is no pay to win system. This system is quite fair because all players have the same opportunity to get good characters. Not only that, to get weapons for each character, you also have to go through missions so that everyone can improve their character’s skills fairly, as long as you are persistent.

The following is a list of the main characters of Honkai Impact 3rd:

1. Kiana Kaslana

Kiana is the main character in the story game Honkai Impact 3rd. Kiana’s hallmark is long-range combat style. Kiana’s character has a long button combination but to issue the ultimate move, Kiana is able to issue a hard move and is able to eradicate all enemies in the blink of an eye.

review honkai impact 3rd kina

Kiana has 5 types of attributes and battlesuits, namely: White Comet (Mecha), Knight Moonbeam (Creature), Divine Prayer (Physics), Valkyrie Ranger (Mecha), and Herrscher of The Void (Creature).

2. Raiden Mei

Raiden Mei is the second character who is able to stop Kiana when she transforms into Herrscher of The Void. Raiden Mei along with other Hyperion members are tasked with finding Kiana before being found by the Schiksal organization. Unlike Kiana, Raiden Mei stands out in short range attacks but has a lot of damage.

review of honkai impact 3rd raiden may

Mei has 4 types of attributes and battlesuits, namely: Crimson Impulse (Creature), Valkyrie Bladestrike (Creature), Shadow Dash (Mecha), and Lightning Empress (Physics).

3. Bronya Zaychik

Bronya is a character who has no emotional expression. In the game, Bronya is a support character. Bronya’s attack character is long range. In addition, Bronya also has an attribute mode that can give special shields to other characters when played together. In addition to functioning as support, Bronya also has attributes and a more offensive Yamabuki Armor battlesuit.

honkai impact 3rd review bro

Bronya has 6 types of attributes and battlesuits, namely: Valkyrie Chariot (Physics), Snowy Sniper (Creature), Wolf’s Dawn (Creature), Yamabuki Armor (Physics), Dimension Breaker (Mecha), Black Nucleus (Creature).

4. Himeko Murata

Himeko is the main character who has an important role in this game. The hallmark of Himeko’s attack is that it has short-range attacks and large damage. Himeko has a giant sword weapon and can kill many enemies in a short time. But unfortunately, because they have to carry a giant sword, this character’s movement speed is quite slow.

Honkai Impact 3rd Himeko review

Himeko has 6 types of attributes and battlesuits, namely: Battle Storm (Creature), Valkyrie Triumph (Creature), Scarlet Fusion (Mecha), Blood Rose (Physics), Arctic Kriegsmesser (Physics), Vermillion Knight: Eclipse (Mecha).

5. Fu Hua

Fu Hua is a hand-to-hand combat type. Fu Hua’s main weapon is only gloves, unlike other Valkyrie characters who have real weapons. To issue the moment and ultimate you have to press a key combination. Another advantage of this character is that it has high speed. But unfortunately, Fu Hua’s endurance and HP are lower than other characters.

honkai impact 3rd fu hua review

Fu Hua has 4 types of attributes and battlesuits, namely: Valkyrie Acciptier (Physics), Phoenix (Physics), Night Square (Creature), Shadow Knight (Mecha).

6. Theresa Apocalypse

Theresa is a medium to long range fighter type. Characteristic of the attack is a barrage of attacks, hard, and fast. This character is perfect for those of you who like to play game characters with offensive attack types. Theresa is also suitable for exterminating many enemies in a short time. Theresa always carried a large cross which was her main weapon.

review of honkai impact 3rd theresa

Theresa has 5 types of attributes and battlesuits, namely: Luna Kindred (Creature), Sakuno Rondo (Physics), Valkyrie Pledge (Physics), Celestial Hymn (Creature), Violet Executer (Mecha).

7. Kallen Kaslana

Kallen is actually Kiana’s ancestor in the past. This character has a characteristic medium to long range attack that is fast and insistent. Kallen’s main weapons are two pistols that are always shot in all directions and the enemy. Kallen’s ultimate move is also known to be very hard so that it can consume enemy HP in a short time.

review honkai impact 3rd kallen

Kallen has 3 types of attributes and battlesuits, namely: Imayoh Ritual (Mecha), Sundenjager (Mecha), Sixth Serenade (Physics).

8. Yae Sakura

Yae Sakura is a figure who lives in Raiden Mei’s body and lives in the world of stigmata. Yae Sakura is Raiden Mei’s version which has faster reflexes so it can attack and dodge quickly. Just like Raiden Mei, Yae Sakura is also reliable for short range attacks.

honkai impact 3rd review yae sakura

Yae Sakura has 3 types of attributes and battlesuits, namely: Gyakushinn Miko (Creature), Ghoushinnso Memento (Mecha), Flame Painama (Creature).