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Free Diamonds FF 99 999 And How To Use It!

Free Diamonds FF 99 999 are currently being sought by many Free Fire gamers. It is known that the application can provide Free Diamonds to its users. Of course, this is good news for FF players, especially the little ones who don’t have money to top up.

Yes, basically to get Diamond FF we need to do Top Up directly in the game. Or even use various third parties that are official. However, not everyone can top up. Because there are also players who just play and never Top Up diamond FF.

Well, therefore they are looking for a shortcut that is to get Diamond FF for free. One application that is widely used is Diamond Free FF 99 999. It is believed that this application can provide Unlimited Diamond FF. However, is it true?

In this discussion, Dafunda Game will discuss the use of applications that are believed to be able to give Diamond FF for free. Curious how the discussion? Instead of being curious, let’s see the full explanation below.

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What is Free Diamonds FF 99 999?

Free Diamonds FF 99 999
Free Fire | Garena

Free Diamond FF 99,999 is an application that is intended as a shortcut to get Diamond FF for free. The application is in the form of a script file that will later be included in the Free Fire game. Through this script, users will be able to get a lot of Diamond FF.

This method is one of the cheat methods that many players practice until now. Many say that this method really works 100%. So that those who are successful no longer need to buy Diamond FF using a dime. Because the diamonds given are Unlimited.

Of course, with all these things, it makes many other players to try this script application. However, we don’t recommend this method for you to try because it is very expensive and the impact is quite terrible if you get caught by Garena.

How to Use Free Diamonds FF

Free Fire
Free Fire | Garena

The method itself is quite simple and of course you can do it at home. Here’s how to use the Diamond Free FF application:

  1. You need to download the Diamond FF 99999 script file on Google.
  2. After that you download the ZArchiver application.
  3. If you have downloaded and installed ZArchiver, the next step is to extract the script file in the Zip folder that you downloaded earlier.
  4. Next is to move the script file into your Android Free Fire game data file.
  5. Well, finally you just play your game and see if your diamonds increase or not.

Is Diamond Free FF 99 9999?

Free Fire
Free Fire | Garena

When it comes to security, this method is certainly not very safe. As mentioned earlier, that this method is a cheat method that is strictly prohibited by Garena. Because this method is included in illegal actions or cheats and changes the content in the game.

And if you have been caught by Garena, then you will find it difficult to get out of this problem. Garena can give your account a permanent ban. In fact, even worse, it can lead to a banned device. Of course you don’t want to experience that.

So your advice, don’t use this method to get FF Free Diamonds. You can get Diamond FF for free through legal means, such as by participating in a Giveaway or any other way that doesn’t violate Garena’s provisions.

The final word

So that’s the discussion about the Free Diamond application FF 99 999? What do you think about this discussion? Don’t forget to comment below. Keep visiting Dafunda Game so you don’t miss other interesting information from you about Free Fire Tips.