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Free Diamond Apk FF Original No Hoax 2022

Free Diamond Apk FF Original No Hoax 2022 is now much sought after by Free Fire players. This happens because most FF diamond-producing applications that are shared on many websites are hoax applications. Not proven to be able to produce FF diamonds for free. Whereas players want to have an application that actually worth it.

Diamond itself is a very important item in the Free Fire game. Diamonds are like currency in Free Fire, they are used to buy various items in the game. In addition, diamonds also function as items that are used to participate in various events in Free Fire.

However, the price of the FF diamond itself is quite expensive for students. Therefore, in this discussion, Dafunda Game will give you recommendations for the best free Diamond-producing applications to use.

Curious what applications? Come on, see the full review below.

Free Diamond Apk FF Original No Hoax 2022

Snack Videos

Snack Videos
Snack Videos | Pinterest

The first app we recommend is Snack Video. Yes, Snack Video is known as one of the viral applications because the application can make money. And this application is official and registered with OJK. So it is very reliable to make money for free.

By installing this application, you can get money that can be used to buy FF diamonds for free. Do the various instructions in the video snack application to get money for free. You can watch videos and look for referrals to earn extra money.

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Easy Reward

Easy Reward
Easy Rewards | Pinterest

The second Free Diamond Apk FF Original No Hoax is an application called Easy Reward. This application is also a legal application that can give us or its users money for free. Well, in this application, your task is only to complete offers and surveys.

The best thing about this application is that the points you get from completing tasks in the application can be directly exchanged for Diamonds. So you don’t have to bother anymore by having to exchange it for a Google Play balance. You can immediately exchange points for FF diamonds in the application.

Google Opinion Rewards

Free Diamond Apk FF Original No Hoax 2021
Google Opinion Rewards | Pinterest

Just like Easy Reward, the third free FF diamond apk no hoax 2022, namely Google Opinion Reward, the task is only to complete offers and surveys. Because it’s from Google, the application will certainly not deceive you. The application has been proven to be able to produce FF diamonds.

In this application you need to complete several available surveys to earn money. Later, the money you earn can be exchanged for Google Play Credit or PayPal. From there, you can use the money to buy Free Fire diamonds.


Free Diamond Apk FF Original No Hoax 2021 1
Wesing | Pinterest

The Wesing apk is a free diamond apk for FF original no hoax 2022 which has proven its efficacy. Many people have proven that applications can actually produce FF diamonds. The way to earn money from this application is that we need to complete various tasks such as singing, recording, and uploading them into the application.

The important thing is to use this application, you need to have a PayPal account. Because the payment will be sent to the PayPal account. Please note that through this application you will only get paid in dollars. The results from PayPal are what you can use to get Diamond FF.

Apk Resso

Free Diamond Apk FF Original No Hoax 2021 2
Resso | Pinterest

Last but not least, Resso. This application is an application that is used to listen to music. In addition, this application can also be used as a free diamond apk FF. How did it happen? This application apparently also pays its users after completing some tasks.

Collect as much money as possible through this app. After calculating the money you have collected is enough to buy a FF diamond. Then you can exchange it for Google Play credit. And from there, you can use those Google Play Credits to buy Diamond Free Fire.


That’s the line of the original free FF diamond Apk no hoax 2022. What do you think about this? Don’t forget to comment below. Keep visiting Dafunda Game so you don’t miss other interesting information about Free Fire Tips from us.