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Finding Paradise Mobile Holds CBT Sessions Globally and Free! – Studio XD Inc. has announced that they are holding a Closed Beta Test or CBT session as well as opening registration for the popular game from Freebird Games, namely Finding Paradise Mobile.

Registration for the Mobile version of CBT Finding Paradise, can be included by anyone and for those who are interested without the need to spend a penny or it’s free.

The CBT session of the Finding Paradise game can now be enjoyed globally only through Android and iOS smartphone mobile devices.

This information has been submitted by the publisher from China through the official account @XD_EN_Official in twitter.

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It was announced that XD inc is holding a Closed Beta Test session for the mobile game Finding Paradise with the registration period only open until June 29.

For those of you who want to join, will have the opportunity to be able to enjoy the game early with a touch of Mobile exclusive remaster at this time.

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