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Final Fantasy VII Remake Review: Worthy of GOTY!

Since the appearance of the trailer trailer in 2015, Final Fantasy VII Remake has attracted a lot of enthusiasm, especially for big JRPG and Final Fantasy fans. This game made by Square Enix utilizes all the power that is on the PlayStation 4. Square Enix puts everything into this game so that the fans won’t be disappointed. Especially after the release of Resident Evil 2 Remake at the beginning of last year which turned out to be a success and invited a lot of admiration. This seems to be a pretty heavy burden that Square is carrying because of the success of RE 2 Remake.

Final Fantasy VII Remake

After waiting, finally Final Fantasy VII Remake was released and got very good interest and ratings. Many gamers and fans of Final Fantasy VII Remake, especially old generation gamers, are a little skeptical of this game because the gameplay is much different from the original version. However, this did not make FFVII Remake a failure and disappointed. Many fans of the original game praised this game even though it was released by chapter.

Final Fantasy VII Remake

The change of gameplay from turn-based RPG to Action RPG does not make fans pass this game. The execution is far from flawed, aka very perfect. From the graphics to the gameplay mechanics, Square has carefully designed it in such a way that it feels smooth and fluid. In addition, in this remake game, the story is also made with more depth, although there are a few additions. However, it makes gamers enjoy this game even more. Now for the continuation, Game Buddy will discuss this Final Fantasy VII Remake game in terms of graphics, gameplay to the story. Are you curious about the detailed explanation of this game? Let’s follow this article to the end.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Gameplay

The first thing we will discuss is in terms of gameplay. In addition to the graphics, which have changed drastically because gaming technology has advanced so far, the gameplay has also undergone a complete change or overhaul. Junebe for old Final Fantasy VII players, the gameplay mechanics for FFVII Remake is very different. From a turn-based RPG style, now comes an action RPG style like Final Fantasy XV or Kingdom Heart Series. Many old players are a bit skeptical of this style of play because the classic FFVII gameplay mechanics are already flawless. However, many were surprised by the mechanics of this new gameplay. They feel how enjoyable this remake version.

Final Fantasy VII Remake

Unlike FFXV, which can’t switch characters, in this game you can use all playable characters, and what’s cool is that all characters have the advantages they need with other characters. Apart from that, one character with another can work hand in hand to help each other. Like when the enemy is far away, by changing to Barrett or Aerith, you can attack him from a distance.

Then, the materia system also has a very significant function in this game. The use of magic in this game is also important in the course of the battle. In this remake version, ATB (Attack Time Battle) is still held, but has a different function. While in the original series this feature was used to wait for the turn gauge, ATB here functions to perform magic, summon, or limit breaks.

Storyline and Graphics

Final Fantasy VII is arguably one of the most iconic games of all time. This is all because of the memorable characters, as well as the deep story. FFVII tells the story of a 21-year-old man who is a former first-class member of SOLDIER who works as a mercenary and joins an eco-terrorist group called AVALANCHE. At the beginning of the story, CLOUD and members of AVALANCHE intend to destroy Mako energy which is misused by a corporation called Shinra Electric Power Company which monopolizes electricity resources.

After starting to destroy the Mako energy reactor, Cloud meets Aerith and her old friend, Tifa.
In general, the story in Final Fantasy VII Remake has not been reduced, but there are several scenes that are somewhat different, such as when President Shinra appears with a hologram figure, the Mako Reactor is destroyed because it is destroyed by a weapon from Shinra itself. In this first episode, the game ends when Cloud and his friends leave Midgar.

How about the graphics? This is the thing that FFVII Remake exhibits the most besides its gameplay. In this game Cloud appears with the same characteristics but there are a few additions. Her iconic spiky blonde hair now comes with impeccable detail. While some characters such as Barrett, Aerith, and Tifa appear with clothes that are slightly different from the original series, although not significantly. Tifa now appears with a sports bra and a chest that is not as big as the original version. Instead of wearing a tight skirt, Tifa is now wearing a lacy skirt to make it look more logical that by wearing these clothes Tifa’s movements are more flexible. However, all these changes did not disappoint the fans. Square Enix wants to try to bridge the old FF 7 fans with the new one with a more relevant design and all aspects.


We will not hesitate to state that Final Fantasy VII Remake is a successful remake game and even exceeds expectations. Every aspect is designed by Square to perfection. This makes old fans and new fans enjoy it to the fullest. In addition, this game slightly treats the disappointment that exists in FF XV, especially with the absence of the character switch feature. In terms of price, this game is priced quite expensive, but a product that is made with such seriousness and ambition is very worth buying. And we believe Final Fantasy VII Remake has won the Game of the Year title for this year.