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Final Fantasy Awakening Review, a Exciting ARPG from Square Enix

Final Fantasy Awakening is a Final Fantasy Online game specifically for Android and iOS platforms. This game takes the background of the Final Fantasy Type-0 world. It can be said that FF: Awakening is a game that takes the story after Final Fantasy Type-0.

Final Fantasy Awakening

This game has interesting gameplay that you deserve to try, even for those of you who are not mobile gamers (new gamers and veteran gamers), especially for you fans of Final Fantasy games. As usual, Square Enix always manages to present Final Fantasy well despite the disappointment of its loyal fans.

Final Fantasy Games it was released a few years ago, not long after Final Fantasy XV on PS4. FF: Awakening, comes with interesting features and also very good graphics for the size of a mobile game. You will enjoy the impression of playing console games because FF: Awakening comes with cool effects like Final Fantasy games in general. You’ve never played Final Fantasy online RPG game for mobile? You can try this game right now. On this occasion, the editor of Buddygame will discuss more fully Final Fantasy Awakening. Keep on following Buddygame, okay?

Final Fantasy Awakening Story and Gameplay

One of the most important aspects of Final Fantasy’s popularity is the story. Likewise Final Fantasy Awakening, which adapts the Final Fantasy Type-0 story.

Final Fantasy Awakening

For those of you who don’t know, Final Fantasy Type-0 is one of the best-selling FF series in the world. In FF: Awakening, you still act as a Class-zero who has a mission for the Rubrum Empire to avoid the Milites Empire’s invasion. Even though this game takes the same background story as Type-0, the story of FF: Awakening is still fun to follow, even for those of you who have played Type-0 because FF: Awakening presents a new perspective that you have never found.

Final Fantasy Awakening

As for the gameplay, even though this game is labeled as an online RPG game, the gameplay is not completely online-based. FF: Awakening brings action gameplay with a touch of RPG. The name is also Final Fantasy, although the gameplay changes, every Final Fantasy game must be in the RPG genre. In traveling around the world of FF: Awakening, you must prepare a strong team to fight every monster that gets in your way.

On the way you will also be confronted by strong bosses that you must defeat too. If the boss is strong, it means you have to raise your level so that your strength is equal to the boss. Like RPG games in general, you will also be required to grind if you want to level up. The battle system that Awakening brings is an action style that is also used in Final Fantasy Type-0 and Final Fantasy XV.

The attacks that are launched are also divided into three types, including: ordinary attacks that also only deal ordinary damage to the enemy, skill attacks that can do great damage, and the last one is Limit Break. Like the rest of the Final Fantasy series, Limit Breaks can only be used after you’ve gathered energy.

In addition, for those of you who are lazy to press the attack button many times, FF: Awakening includes an automatic attack feature. You only need to press one button, and your character will attack until the enemy he is facing dies. This feature seems to have been widely used for MMORPG games, one of which is Lineage II on PC.

However, these features and methods are more suitable for use against enemies whose strength is far below your character or who defeats them don’t need a certain strategy. One of the highlights of the Final Fantasy Awakening game is the large number of free features provided.

To get these features, you have to follow the story of this game to the end. These features are often associated with increasing your character’s abilities. This game is not a paid game, there is one feature that requires you to pay for it, which is an object called Crystal. This crystal is an object that serves to buy gold, weapons, or new heroes.

Mobile Game with Slick Graphics

As a mobile game, Final Fantasy Awakening has cool graphics, it can even be compared to console games. You will be presented with solid details with cool effects during battle. Final Fantasy Awakening is not only suitable for fans of the series made by Square Enix (formerly Squaresoft), but also casual gamers.