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FGO JP Apk Latest Version 2.38.0 2022 For Android

FGO JP Apk-There are quite a few choices of game genres that you can install and play on the play store, including RPG. This one game has its own fans, so every time a new game appears, it will definitely sell well in the market, Ragnarok, GrandChase, Laplace M are some of them. But actually there is one more game that is quite popular, namely Fate Grand Order.

This Fate Grand Order or FGO game was released in 2015. With marketing in several Asian and European countries, this game is quite attractive to players. It’s no wonder that in a fairly short period of time, this game from Aniplex has many players.

Unfortunately in Indonesia it is not available for us to play (Update is now available). We can’t find it on official stores such as the play store or app store. So for those of you who want to try to download it, then you can use a vpn or via the apk file.

For those of you who want to download the Japanese version of FGO JP Apk or Fate Grand Order, then you can get it via the file that we will share this time.

FGO JP Apk Review

Fate Grand Order is a game that has a hero or Anime character. Here we use various heroes with the term Servant. As in the Mobile Legends game, we will also get to know several types of servants based on their characters such as Saber, Assassin, Lancer, Rider, Caster and Berseker.

We can also buy various items that are sold by the developer of this game. That way, we can further optimize the servant that we play. You just have to prepare a budget to collect some of these items.

fgo jp apk

Download FGO JP Apk

For those of you who really want to play this game, then we have provided the file. That way you can directly download and install it. You need to know that the size of this game is not too big, only 81MB. However, when you run this game, it will eat up your memory even more.

You can directly download FGO JP Apk here. In order to be able to directly play this one game, then we can install it in the following way.

How to Install FGO JP Apk

  • First download the FGO JP Apk that we have provided for you
  • Next we can open the settings menu
  • There are many options, you can choose security
  • Next select the application to check the unknown source
  • Return to the main menu to open the download folder
  • Choose FGO apk to install it
  • Wait until this application is installed.

Those were the steps that you can follow to be able to install the Japanese version of the Fate Grand Order game on your device.

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For those who have tried this game, on average it is difficult to let go, especially to be able to switch to other games. This is because FGO is very exciting. Apart from the gameplay, the features contained in this game are also very interesting, as shown below.

  • Hide all UI in My Room
  • View information for quests in party setup
  • See the last free quest you played on the map
  • Have many missions
  • Choice of many servants
  • and many more

Some of the features that we have mentioned above are only a few, whereas if you play it there are many other features that you can find.

Difference between FGO Universal and Japanese Version

Junebe you are wondering about what is the difference between the universal version and the Japanese version. So what makes the difference is that it is on the server. As we know, this Japanese FGO has servers in Japan. As for the general version found in North America.

On this Japanese server, you will get the original language of the country, and of course this will make us feel confused when we are on the server.

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The final word

That was the review that we could convey regarding the game that is being played by many gamers in the country, hopefully it can be useful and happy playing.