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FFML 2022 Season 2 Day 10 Results! Aerowolf Roar!

FFML 2022 Season 2 Day 10 Results!

Free Fire Master League (FFML) 2022 season 2, finally closed this Week 5 with amazing results.

The 18 teams showed a very impressive display of play from this afternoon.

Just now matchday 10 ended with a result of the entire team’s struggle.

FFML season 2 matchday 10 results

Matchday 10 match on 6 September 2022 is a match between Group A and Group B.

Here are the match results:

Round 1- Bermuda : AuraEsports

Round 2- Purgatory : Aerowolf Pro Team

Round 3- kalahari : Aerowolf Pro Team

Round 4- Bermuda : Onic Olympus

Round 5- Purgatory : Onic Ares

Round 6- Kalahari : Island of Gods

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What’s in Match 10?

On Matchday 10, which is also the closing date for FFML Season 2 Week 5, there was a very fierce battle.

FFML Season 2 Day 10 Results

The results from the overall team did not disappoint, from the three groups that played, Group A still has the same position as last week

Onic Olympus still haven’t managed to catch up to the top ranking currently occupied by Dranix Vendetta.

Messi so, Onic Olympus managed to get 1 Booyah, and can catch points from Dranix Vendetta on Week 6 next week.

Evos Esports in Group C still managed to maintain its position at the top level, as well as Aura Esports in Group B.

Aerowolf Pro Team managed to get 2x Booyah on this 10th matchday and managed to occupy the second position in Group B.

Matchday 10 FFML Season 2 Results

Does that mean there is a possibility that Aerowolf will be able to catch up with Aura Esports in Week 6 next week? We’ll just have to wait, guys.

Island of Gods Even those who managed to get Booyah today must still be chasing points, because they are still at the bottom of Group B.

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